Mac DeMarco – 2

The cover of Mac DeMarco's album 2 makes me wanna go fishing, which is something I never really feel like doing... and that is the power of music.

The cover of Mac DeMarco’s album 2 makes me wanna go fishing or something, which is a thing I never feel like doing. This is a perfect example of the power of music to control people’s minds.

Artist: Mac DeMarco
Title: Salad Days
Label: Captured Tracks
Cat#: N/A
Keywords: Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Jangle Pop, Rock And Roll
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Music is really great. It’s just fantastic.

I wanted to write a lot about this, but I couldn’t.

I was listening to it a lot while I was sad a few months ago, and it cheered me up, kind of. It wasn’t super cheery, but it was fun, and it was kind of like commiserating.

So… this isn’t much of a review. The album is only a few years old, too, so maybe it didn’t need one… but, I did wanna share it, just in case anyone else is in the mood for some lo-fi stuff. I’ve been on that wave for a little while lately. And, I really liked this album.

Well, here’s one of those links, so you can check it out. Sorry, this is like… one of the least informative reviews I’ve ever written. I hope nobody minds. >_>

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