Simone D’Annunzio – s l o w

Artist: Simone D’Annunzio
title: s l o w
keywords: electronic, experimental, ambient, noise
label: MAV [0kbps] records

Simone D’Annunzio takes it slow and by that, I mean Simone D’Annunzio brings it slow. First a slow incoming drone, one laced with electronic data communication and muffled human chatter, than when all had sunken down in the slowness of time the artist will play around with a seemingly hand fingered beat. But you have to be patient as like I just mentioned; Simone D’Annunzio brings it slow… No need to move yourself into the dance floor like some enthusiastic fruitcake, as before that beat comes you might have gone for a lucrative beauty nap while waiting. But when the right time arrives at its slowest arrival Simone D’Annunzio hits those rhythm sounds (and saucy finger snap) in a slow, yet prominent matter. Somehow you could think of the slowest typewriter typing person hitting with the fingers on the buttons of a drum computer; it swings, but swings slowly.

If you like it slowly and without any haste, you will also enjoy Simone D’Annunziod’s second track named ‘y s t a s i’ (with the spaces in between the letters you should pronounce the title slowly) . This track is slow but very good, with slow motion hollow owl-like singing in the slowest hour of the night & slow moving rhythm that isn’t only slow, it is also quiet sensual and sexy. A bit like a slow session of foreplay, a bit of slow moving, slow audio kisses, slow clapping and maybe slow dry humping…

The next step will be a bit harder, not quicker; always slow. This is where ‘s k i e p p e d’ slowly reveals itself with a fishnet stockings on, a choker and punchy spikes slowly hitting those rock bottoms like big slow drums in the sky. It has more weight, a slow drone sound that is hungry for slow intercourse with a slow-person’s ears. It’s the music that slowly moves the head to move in a very slow but slew kind of way: got to love the slow ballsy attitude that Simone D’Annunzio brings over here.

f l u i d u s t is so nice and slow that it might simply put’s a person out of its misery, curled up in fetus position and sucking its own thump ‘slowly’. It’s the lack of slow big beats that feels so nice, really making the perception of the world slower then it actually is. Still I wished it was actually slower as it still flown away too quick, luckily it sinks nicely into a slow trance inducing b i s s o. Here everything comes together in a nice and slow way; slow drums, holy drones that feel like wordless slow singing priestesses… Slowly perfecting ’s l o w’ by Simone D’Annunzio as the must hear release for all who loves it slow & good.

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