VIIRGIILE – Blue dot

The cover for Blue dot, by VIIRGIILE, is of a blue devil dude poking his finger through his glasses, and his nose is also pretty long, and that is mostly what I'm seeing here, to put it as succinctly as possible.

The cover for Blue dot, by VIIRGIILE, is of a blue devil dude poking his finger through his glasses, and his nose is also pretty long, and that is mostly what I’m seeing here, to put it as succinctly as possible. It was lovingly made by 4ndr345 M4rch4l, who is still very 1337, he is 4n 3l173 un17 0f th3 V4471c4n, u c0u1d s4y 4 p0p3 3v3N, 0r 4 b15h0p 0f 5um k1nd.

Title: Blue dot
Label: Vaatican Records
Cat#: Vaat366mp
Keywords: Devotional, Experimental, Incredible, Electro, Soundtrack, Freestyle, Improvisation, Lofi, Mashup, Progressive, Psychedelic, Weird
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Hello, and welcome to another review! Nuclear war may be imminent, or it may not, I mean anything could happen… but, should a nuclear war bust out, I’d like to think I managed to plop out another one of these things where I talk about some cool music. This is because I have some very cool music laying before me at this very moment, and I’m prepared to make this happen for us right here! I hope you’re ready! I am, almost. We can go once I put my reviewing shoes on. This will just take a sec.

Okay, I’m ready! As we all know, Vaatican Records puts wonderful things out for our listening pleasures and this record by VIIRGIILE is one of those things. It begins with ‘Blue dot (feat. Yacine Synapsas)’. Take notes, this will be on the test later. Feels like a very weird mashup track so far, and I love it. Joe Satriani-esque wank leads over strange electro wonky and background heavy bird lasers, underfunk. Sampled voices cut in… very strange indeed. Feels like there are some clippers in there, shaving my butt.

After that, there’s a track titled ‘En sursis (la valeur d’initiation de ce qui se passe)’, which sounds like some bouncy electro grooves, very crispy and snappy. Weird vocal samples enter the mix… midi sounds are happening, they’re really fun! And, obscure. I have no real clue what is happening.

‘Balance (feat. Yacine Synapsas)’ is next. It sounds like a Nintendo game taking a shit, with guitar overlaid in a non-conformist way, then some eerie ghost chords. The rhythms are like totally weird, adding some kind of groove beneath the chaos.

‘Stigma of mental illness must be overcome’ comes on, and sounds like twitchy rhythmics… blurts of strange noises like damaged machines, a horn type sound, guitar pickups. There’s a breakbeat rhythm suddenly, a yelp. Very bizarre, like mangled 80s / 90s party time fanfares spun into subtle layers.

Then, it’s time to ‘Jump’! There’s a shuffling layered groove that sounds like it’s being swirled with a spoon in a mixing bowl. It’s a bit swizzled. Low, blues guitar fretting, some snaps… voice noises are stirred in. Shimmery bell sounds, like cartoon eyes full of glitter setting obsessively on some object of comedic desire. Now I feel like I’m hearing a weird, experimental take on rave breaks. Very sped-up peddle music, pitch-reel forward mania.

‘Morning intercourse’ is maybe the best kind. I like the vibe right away, at the outset I feel like I’m listening to a midi-key attempt at jazzy atmospheric electronica, and it’s really amazing. Low bass drum / tom type groove, super sparse, with chord stabs.

Afterward is a track called ‘Beastie girls (feat. Yacine Synapsas)’. This is noisy, beautiful audio chaos, slinky jazz groove, sounds from out of a farm or zoo, all the cage doors open flooding out, e-piano disharmony, rushes of weirdness. Very scattered Miles / Herbie vibe here, rendered atop a broken break, a tapestry of sampled sounds. Wow.

‘Entre actes’ is super short, quiet, a mood of low, downtempo drums.

The next thing is ‘Peter’s dream (feat. Yacine Synapsas)’. I hear a beat, sweeps of horn chords, urgent spy movie or Hitchcock-like suspense. Blood on the walls, hands to face, screaming like Macaulay Home Alone. Bizarro breakbeat bonking, Playstation quirk, moving into intense beat skittering, a radio wave phasing. Loving the organ-like harmonies…

… the thing after that is ‘S (feat. Yacine Synapsas)’, which begins with some guitar, some claps… very mellow vibe. I’m loving this heap of wild sound so far, all the way through this has been a super weird journey. The vibe of this is so out of the ordinary, with the underlying distortion, the winding crank grooves, the guitar. Indescribably odd. Snare like an old chain fence popping.

‘Brown reload (feat. Yacine Synapsas)’ happens, and develops slowly like an ocean bed caravan. The groove is like a clock tick, it’s like a soundtrack to a surreal Dali landscape filled with melting watch pieces upon a desert. The rapid-shot breakbeats slide in, liquid gold. It becomes a strange tango, on a street corner in an alternate dimension. The piano keeps most of the time with it’s one note, two octave refrain.

Then, we come to ‘Light trees, dark woods’, a track that comes off sounding like a weird bongo-electro rhythm, loving the random r&b snaps. Melodically obscure, meandering. Drums tend to hit within and suddenly dissipate, an ever-crumbling scaffold time-lapse image.

‘Rions noir’ is the last track. It feels like a weird take on Flamenco, built from sample-repetition and purposeful disharmonies. Guitars and percussion flutter in nonsensically, brilliantly fucking with my head. So many of the sound choices are hugely effectual, attempting to emulate an associative sensory expression without conveying too much emotional context… or something. It becomes a jumble, an audio word salad. Vocal samples swim through briefly, too.

So, all that said, I present to you a link, for your clicking pleasure. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! This is a very strange album, definitely worth your attentions. Until next time! 😉 ❤

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