Salsa Rosáa – El Teatro de Barranca (parte 1) Grabado en “La Cuca Acústica” – Bogotá 2006

Artist: Salsa Rosáa
title: El Teatro de Barranca (parte 1) Grabado en “La Cuca Acústica” – Bogotá 2006
keywords: alvaro uribe, salsa rosaa, barranca, colombia, teatro, bogota, pop, amparo grisales

Salsa Rosáa comes across as the no nonsense cozy club of Columbian friends that welcome you instantly within their inner circle and cultural habitat. There they sings and play their original songs to you & if you want you are clearly invited to join in. Everybody is an equal, clap your hands or shake your booty from appreciation, maybe bring an ukulele or an egg-shaker or simply a pair of ears to feel the warm welcome that this group is welcoming you in.

They sing, they hum, they play a lovely set of songs that is as unplugged as possible, yet so creative by playing whatever they have lying around: A flute, Casio keyboard, a guitar, perhaps a woodblock? It’s not so much about what they have as it is much more about attitude and what they do with it & Salsa Rosáa doesn’t even need instruments as they themselves are love & music. With their short performances you as a listener are being teleported to the finest nest in Cambodia, one of trivalent friends in which you can feel at home and be yourself freely; as clearly Salsa Rosáa have that freedom to express.

They obviously are relieved from haste under the warm glowing guide in the shape of a sunny sun & they don’t even seem to be in-exceptive of you as a foreigner among their midst. See it like a holiday, a teleportation in between the music making locals that are friendly and fun, who enjoy making music together & making cultural friends along the way. They single handedly make Columbia the appealing place to go, sing, play and explore. Really nice!

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