Balkar Wachholz – Teratological Soundscapes (2016)

artist: Balkar Wachholz
title: Teratological Soundscapes (2016)
keywords: experimental, balkar wachholz, angel sanchez cervera, abstract, avant-garde, manipulation, experimental music, ambient, musique concrète, noise, tape music, minimalism, acousmatic music, sound sculpture, psychedelic, soundscape, sound art, dark ambient, cinematic, hortus conclusus records
label: hortus conclusus records

This audio experience follows a path that psychonauts will know from their back pockets. They avoid eating the usual breakfast in the morning, insert poisonous nature-things instead and then go to a forest or a park (whatever is the closest to their location.) There they whiteness the trees moving, the birds being able to talk, monsters usually known as squirrels & rabbits. It is here that they find out how lovely it is to stroke the grass, possibly even go a step further and make love with it while imagining the green sprites moaning with delight.

Somehow they end up in the river, or in a lake; perhaps on the bottom of a boat listening to the water ‘happenings’ bouncing and dripping against the material which makes it all sound funny. Perhaps they go to the little petting area; make conversations with the sheep and goats, pretend to be a warrior riding around on a hamster with a piece of wood as a pretend-sword. One of the friends will of course have a little bad trip; start to cry as if he is a Gollum who just lost a precious ring. Or perhaps there are actual babies crying in this part of the park?

The typical psyhonaut will go through phases in which everything turns into music, the bottle of wine hidden in their pocket sounds like a melody generator, the trashcan collecting the trash from the park visitors is a drum, the movement of themselves rolling down the hill and breaking that bottle is something so musically that it is difficult to comprehend.

At one moment the psychonaut might experience all these senses as something to fear, a moment of shittering panic that erupts when the boundaries of reality and non-reality become a blur. The sound of a continuous flow of diarrhea might make the adventure a bit more complicated than it already had been before.

However when the psychonaut accepts that it is just part of a self-inflicted trip, the signs of appreciation become clear. Tones of knowledge will fly around the non-moving adventurer while lying down in the grass of dirt. The sky will be beautiful as the clouds dance together in ways of art that was poisoning oneself was totally worth it. The psyhonauts wish they could have recorded this music in their head, they would become famous classical music composers if they could just manages to do so…

Of course the psychonaut will eventually fall asleep, only to wake up when all the visitors have gone & the darkness has replaced the glowing ball known as the sun. The now-hardened diarrhea between the psychonaut’s buttocks becomes apparent again, and the night becomes cold and dark.
The shadows have been eaten by global darkness and the journey home for even the most experienced psychonaut might become a lengthy one full with difficulties; devils are looking on from behind every branch and every tree… If you are a psychonaut, this audio adventure might come across very familiar, but if you just want to ‘experience’ what a psychonaut goes through without the whole actual experience; this is an album that will be a great option.

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