Dark Willow – SUPER VENA

In the afternoon, sometime yesterday, I saw that at long last, the next part in a total quadrilogy had been released. I was excited. Unfortunately, I forgot to purchase it right at
that moment because work distracted me. Thankfully when I returned home, I got it right
away and said “I will listen to this soon.”
However, the mood did not strike, so instead I reveled in some self passion. Once done, a brilliant idea struck me. I was already in my bed, and I was exhausted, a perfect time to sleep methinks! And so I did.
I awoke to feeling hotter than usual, my monitor blaring white light still, as I had forgotten to shut it off before succumbing to subconsciousness. The clock had struck 0400, and now it was time to delve into the music.
At first listen, I felt a resounding “meh” however certain songs stood out. I didn’t know how to feel about it. It grew on me ever so slightly, as I listened to it again and again. Before I knew it, it was time to go to work. Gulping down as much tea as I could on the way out I mulled over the sounds in my mind trying to come to some form of conclusion.
Attempts at listening to this at work were not fruitful. I get self conscious when it comes to the volume of things coming out of my speakers at my terminal, and so couldn’t bask in the tones as much as I would like. Besides, I’m listening to this for ME, and not anyone else.
On the walk home, I felt on edge. Something was disturbing me. Something made me feel restless. My mind once again returned to these songs. Oh, how similar it was to another time I listened to them, and oh how similar it was to anytime I listen to songs by my favorite artists of all time. My reaction is negative. These are seemingly an acquired taste. Do I condition myself until I feel pleasure in them, or does it just take time for me to process them, and enjoy them of my own will? Either way, I do not care. Another concern on my mind was this intensity that I was feeling. Would it continue to burn bright later on, or would it smolder and die? I would indeed find out as I waited for the imminent darkness to fall.

(That last line isn’t some form of symbolic prose, I just don’t like walking around when the sun is out)


Artist: Dark Willow
Keywords: alternative, experimental, pop, stoner, United Kingdom
Reviewer: Caffeinate

Hello dear readers! I have returned for a review of (you guessed it!) a new Dark Willow release. This one is titled SUPER VENA, and is the second part of the total known as Honey Cutz. This has been a weird journey for me, and is still very incomplete, as I have yet to walk around outside to take photos and complete my listening of this release. I’m just getting prepped because ya know, responsibility and all that bullshit.



We start our latest musical journey with INVISIBLE TEARS. WHOA. Some cool ethereal sounding schtuffs, I almost feel that this is how a church must feel sometimes, if like, I ever went to a church, I don’t know called up images of some large halls and strange voice and tunes and what not. Then the sound of a bite (I’m guessing into an APPLE) and now we get into the bulk. Nice and easy going until the end with drums peppered in and a bit more sinister tone, unf makes me wanna lick my lips. Solid shit. To be sure. I’m not describing this very well. Just listen to it.



Ok, so seriously. Some pluck funkyness and then BAM we get thrown into probably one of the most fucking fun and catchy songs I have ever heard. PROBLEM CHILD starts simple, with only a few layers, then it just gets groovier,groovier…and even fucking groovier. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!?! I mean it is good that it is. Danger fills our eyes as we oooOOOOoooOOOOOooOOOO (get it I put in some lyrics and onomatopoeia). Some flute sounding stuff with wahs and some great lyrics. Like seriously, this thing stuck with me the entire day. Yay.



So, when I awoke at 4AM and started busting out the listening devices, I got the biggest sense of deja vu. I could have sworn that I had heard this song before. Now, unlike Vertigo by U2 (ok, what I mean by this is once this song released I could swear that they had already made that song. I was like why are we all making a big deal about this when this has been out for forever? Was the song just that generic? Was it some time traveller messing with some stuff and merging my reality where Vertigo was already out with a reality where it wasn’t out yet? I’ll let the experts figure that one out. (Ok…just between you and me I’m pretty sure time travel can’t exist but anywho…)), I realized I had perused this track when our favorite sister/brother song duo put this up on the ol’ Youtubes. Great tone, atmosphere, etc. Starts off I would say almost surreal before at the very end getting all rough and grimy and scratching and what not. Nice. Also, the lyrics brought up a long held desire of mine to like sink my teeth into the flesh of a willing participant. I mean, I feel that the idea to me holds some form of like desire, but I don’t know if I’d ever do it. Big difference between enjoying a thought and going through with it.



So, bizarrely, I didn’t really “listen” to this song the first three times I listened to it. I listened to it at home in the morning and a few times at work and I read the lyrics. For reasons completely unknown, I felt revolted by this track (because of lack of data!). I started questioning whether it was because this gave a whole sense of like connection to other beings, and came to the conclusion that because I don’t really connect with other people that this whole song was like the anti-thesis to my entire being. Then I listened to this song on the walk. My goodness, was I totally fucking incorrect. This is such a sweet nigh bittersweet song with a very sweet message at the end. You can figure it out if you do a bit of digging. I can’t claim to know all the feelings behind it/the full truth behind it but on the surface it’s still sweet. I have no idea why I’m being obscure but let’s go with it.

Either way, another amazing release by Dark Willow. I can’t wait to listen to all four pieces together. Seriously, check this out. I keep on falling in love over and over with the music they put out, and I hope if you haven’t yet yourself, that you do as well!

Pick it up here:


Ladies and gentleman and reptilian overlords, I present to you,



This was the beginning of my journey. I was hyped up because I just ate 3 packs of chili flavored ramen, freshly showered, and had swallowed the remainders of the black tea I had made this morning. INVISIBLE TEARS was coming along nicely, when I spotted this slightly empty cleaner bottle hanging on a chain link fence. Had to stop and say hello.


Now, PROBLEM CHILD I knew I already loved. I also knew it was going to pass by rather quickly. I was trying to find something mildly interesting but I was at a rather empty stretch, and was slightly panicking that I wasn’t going to able to take a photo while the song was still playing. Actually, if I haven’t mentioned it before, I try to snap a photo to slightly perhaps catch the mood of the song, whilst listening to said song. So, hey I got something I guess.


Pretty sure this was the only one I got for APPLE and just barely. I didn’t want to stop too long, because I assume some random fierce looking, creepy aura, motherfucker (That’s me!) would get harassed by another denizen of the dark, or some bored police officer. Also there was a lot of industrial equipment/sites with security guards and I just didn’t want to be bothered so I snapped this little patch of grass and trees. I wanted to get something more desolate feeling but nothing was around.



These two I snapped during BE COOL. I think one of the next ones was as well. I saw the pylons with the piping and said FUCK YES THIS FITS MY RANDOM MOTIF OF PIPES N SHIT. I thought the freeway signs looked pretty cool. Right before I took that one, I lit a cigarette, but then it fell out of my mouth. I managed to grab it without smashing it, losing the cherry, or anything. I did this right before I passed another walking fellow. He didn’t comment on the amazing skill on display, so I will take his silence as one of admiration.





At this point, I had pretty much finished up SUPER VENA. Thinking about PROBLEM CHILD, and living with danger in my eyes, as well as INVISIBLE TEARS, trying to find the truth I decided to explore. There’s essentially waterways and what not that are man made and they have trails next to them. I knew I hadn’t taken this trail, and was a tad frightful what with all the homeless heroin addicts in the area, but hey it was exploring time. I had a few songs off of my latest album which I knew would heighten the experience and went along taking photos.

Overall, this trail was surprisingly well lit. Although, I was seemingly by my lonesome. That is until after I took the blurry shopping cart path one. A biker decided to roll on by, and despite clearly seeing it was someone on a bike, because my nerves were a little bit above average so I still visibly flinched. I couldn’t hear the man, but I’m pretty sure he apologized to me. I thought that was funny.
Anyways, back to the trail. It essentially runs behind the mass transit system hub that is in the town, which includes where they store the light rail cars for the night, the solar panel farm that powers the light rail, bus storage, and the shop that repairs said busses. Various amounts of people/security wandering by those areas indeed. There were also just lots of abandoned bits and pieces in large gated off lots. Gave a rather spooky atmosphere. Due to this atmosphere, I felt I needed to focus on walking, so I stopped taking photos. I also didn’t want to be randomly mugged.

After this point in the walk recap, it’s gonna be a bit mature so if you can’t handle “adult” stuffs, don’t go beyond this paragraph/sentence/some form of symbols strung together with word requirements and shit.

So, any time I am off the beaten path, I look for essentially spots in which to conduct sexual deviancy. I had been recently talking to a woman about potentially engaging in some forms of these acts (until I decided I didn’t really want to engage with her. Well I did that earlier, but seeing as having a partner was still rather fresh on my mind I was letting my mind wander that way), and decided to figure out the logistics.

When choosing these types of places, one has to take into account both persons comfort zones, amount of visibility on the path, how easily one can be seen from the road when the road is nearby, how often other users of the path might traverse, light levels, how close to flora it is (I mean I’m all for having a good time but suddenly finding out your pants are literally infested with ants is never a good time, for me at least), if there is security walking down the path, if homeless people have made a shelter somewhere along the way, etc. That’s a lot to think about and definitely takes away a bit of the tension and fear that can come from the unknown. Ok, and since I’m being honest, usually when picturing a scenario for this, I just imagine getting fellatio performed on me. Call me selfish (which to a point you would be right…) but I mean overall this seems like the easiest thing to accomplish for multiple reasons (one major thing is being able to get away quickly in case of intrusion. Sure there is a “thrill” from the idea of getting caught but for me actually being walked upon hasn’t ended up all that good because instead of the hilarious see something, walk away because you’re like WHOA, people have just continued walking by and/or making comments and that kills it in a bad way for me), and well I don’t know I just imagine concrete or asphalt isn’t that comfortable to place bare skin against for other sexual acts, and I mean overall in that average blowjob scenario, one person stands and the other has to squat, only the shoes contact the ground. It just seems optimal. Then again, as I continue farther and farther down my life, I am getting more and more bored/intolerant of everybody. I have become pretty much a hermit and in the end I rarely desire, and even rarer still go through with encounters and what not. Have I done deplorable things in the past? Sure, I have been a Grade A asshole, but I definitely enjoy the hurtful things inflicted upon others by myself, and inflicted by others on me. It’s one of those, I enjoy bad things type of deals. Now I guess, I just want to be left alone.

Alright we’re back on track. I finally got to a point where I had made it to a portion of the trail I had been on, and thought I was home scot free. However, sitting, hunched over on the ground at the very exit to freedom, was a man. He had a bicycle. I thought, if this person is shooting up, he picked a convenient device and place. However, I got no clues as to whether or not this person used drugs. He asked me for a cigarette. I gave him one. He asked: “You don’t want nothin?” I said no, I’m good. He thanked me.

That was pretty much it. Well since we’re getting all weird and wonderful and exploratory over here at the moment, I’ll share a thought I had, right before I entered my apartment. I remembered that there have been various people throughout the United States, showing up in clown attire and mask (I’m assuming these are all dudes. I don’t imagine that a woman would show in strange spots, all alone, in the middle of the dark. If these clowns exist then cool. I mean, is that sexist? I don’t believe it is, but I mean if it is then my bad. Not saying it isn’t possible, just that is seems unlikely. I’m just assuming with there being so many predators out there and such…and also I just have not heard of there being a female clown creeping out people in random places so I mean, overall I’m going to attribute it to lack of information. Don’t worry, I’ll update you all when I find more relevant information), to creep people out late at night. I imagined meeting one of the path I had just gone down. The first iteration, involved me walking up to said clown, putting on a very large smile, and asking said clown if they were having a good time. I would wait for a rather long while, as the clown remained silent. Slightly squinting my eyes, I then replied good before going on my merry way. The second iteration of imaginings made it to where the clown asked me to perform the coveted mouth hug onto genitals that I craved to receive. A slight, lasting too long laugh would escape my lips before telling him to whip it before chastising him and forcing him to whip away at his bits for apparently my viewing and dominating pleasure. I don’t why my imagined two options were return the creep factor or to have them jack off. Probably not very practical but if I were to ever run into that situation I do have contingency plans. No sense being unprepared.

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