David Liebe Hart – Go Into The Light

The album art for Go Into The Light, by David Liebe Hart, is definitive proof of the existence of aliens.

The album art for Go Into The Light, by David Liebe Hart, is definitive, irrefutable proof of the existence of aliens. I believed in aliens all along, though, and this image confirms my privately held, publicly voiced suspicions. So… don’t try to pretend you’re cool now. You probably thought space was boring this whole time, just like everyone else.

Artist: David Liebe Hart
Title: Go Into The Light
Label: None
Cat#: N/A
Keywords: Comedy, Electronic, Electropunk, Pop, Tim & Eric
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

It is my belief that we should take the things that we’ve been given and do everything we can with them, to figure out how we can use the special gifts that we’ve received to put cosmic goodness back out into the world… like, in our case — you and me, dear reader — we’ve been blessed with such coolness, that it is our duty, our responsibility, to take that and be as awesome and as cool as possible, until we die, which will be in a really cool way so that our legacies live on. You, especially. In fact… I don’t know, maybe it’s only you… actually, I’m just a huge nerd. I’m sapping the coolness from you like a leechy loser, as I sit here in front of a computer in my underwear, drinking mountain dew. Please don’t leave me.

The other thing we’ve received, though, is a great album. It lays before us now, and so we must take it and review it together, somehow, in spite of all the obstacles in our way.

Can it be done? Will we fail, like I’ve failed at pretty much everything in life? Or, will it all come out okay in the end, because you’re so cool? I don’t know. But, I’ll need some cheetohs, and I don’t feel like getting up.

Thank you for bringing me those. I guess we’ll get started on the review now.

So, this is a promotional album by one of the greatest artists ever, David Liebe Hart, and it begins with ‘Artist & Creator (New Version)’. There’s a buzzy drum, and a dedication… a cool electro groove comes in! It’s like some spacy techno synth music, the music gets super intense. The lyrics are about creating art, the vibe of it reminds me of Glass Domain.

Next, we ‘Go Into The Light’, which is super funky and cosmic! I love the rhythms and the washes of synthesizer sounds. I feel like I’m soaring through space with alien friends. The aliens are here, and they’re pretty nice and are educating us about the universe while we soak in the rays of multiple suns.

‘Dad & Lad’ kicks off with a low drum, and it’s really minimal while the song sings to us of parental responsibility. “I’m the best dad // I’m the best lad”.

Then, we step into another super cosmic zone with ‘La Rent Doesn’t Want Me To Look At Porn (New Version)’. There are some low synths oscillating in here, while we hear about stories of getting into porn while wishing for deeper connections with people. The music becomes a rockin’ electronic banger with lots of sawtooth synths!

There’s a downtempo groove at the beginning of ‘Michael Likes To Smoke His Weed (New Version)’, and I must say, I feel high on the fumes of this track, all the swirling electronics, the vocal echoes, it’s like an audio PSA. The vocals are among the best so far on this entire album! Just don’t operate a vehicle or any construction equipment while you listen to this. Now that I think about it, though, it would be kind of fun to drive a bulldozer around while under the influence of this track, like on a cd player or something.

Next up is ‘Chicago Northwestern (New Version)’, and it’s a bouncy fun electronic masterpiece! I feel like climbing into a ball pit and trying to move, which is fun, because all those plastic balls make it hard to get around, but it’s not exactly like trying to swim in water, it’s a completely different thing. It’s about traveling on the highway.

‘Betty White (New Version)’ is like some sampled midi guitar rock!!! It’s fun, because you learn all this stuff about Betty White. I never knew all these things.

‘Marcama II’ is like a light, spacy, dreamy, floating piece of synth music with a steady groove. It’s great! The lyrics are about a love that bloomed in space with an alien. You will feel the love!

After that is ‘Fabian (New Version)’ feels like a slinky bell jazz electro thing. This is also about love and feelings and desires.

The ‘Korendian Honk (New Version)’ has some swing! Here, we learn more about the Korendians and their happy telepathic, sugarless vegan culture. It’s a fun piece of electronic music, with its galloping synth line and a breakdown filled by a chip arpeggio lead.

‘Santa Monica Pier (New Version)’ is a heavy electro-rock track, what a blast!

‘Linda McKennan (New Version)’ is the finale! It’s nice, and dedicated to Linda McKennan. “Linda McKennaMcKennaMcKennan”, hahaha! 🙂

Well, we’ve come to the end. Somehow, we have accomplished something great here, together. A review! Wow. It’s incredible. I guess this is the time we part ways, and you go back to being awesome. I’m just gonna take a quick nap, but I’ll leave a link for everybody at the bottom there, and say that “You should click on it!”. I’m always doing that, it’s like, my thing. So, guess I’ll see you around, cool cats.


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