Isnaj Dui – TIGHTROPE (Official Video)

Artist: Isnaj Dui
Title: TIGHTROPE (Official Video)
Keywords: Electroacoustic
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

So, here’s a cool video:

I was just sent this. I really love how the visuals and editing accompany the piece, by English artist Isnaj Dui, which begins with a kind of wooden winding sound and the imagery of train tracks. It’s rare for me to come across much in the genre of electroacoustics, but I enjoy the sound here, it is a music that seems to restore attention. The edits cut whole passages of time and space, looping and drawing up repetitions while you are drawn in to the minute struggle of a person untangling earbud wire. Trains pass by, the wires seem to grow in number. There are swells of electronic accordion-like drone harmonics. It’s all very lovely!

I’ve long resisted earbud technology. I think back on a time I would walk around with these ridiculous studio headphones with heavy, nearly tangle-proof cords. This was probably an unreasonable thing given the area I lived in, with its aggressive drivers and lack of sidewalks. Music sometimes makes these demands of me, though.

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy the music and video. 🙂 Bye!

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