RomanianMyth – Ambiental Of Noise

You know... I'm looking at the art for Ambiental Of Noise, by RomanianMyth. That's what I'm doing. Have you seen it? It's right up there. Interesting.

You know… I’m looking at the art for Ambiental Of Noise, by RomanianMyth… and, that’s what I’m doing. Have you seen it? It’s right up there. Interesting.

Artist: RomanianMyth
Title: Ambiental Of Noise
Label: Noise-Joy
Cat#: NJMP3-0202
Keywords: Noise, Illbient, Neofolk, IDM, Ambient, Experimental
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

One of the major things I remember about this album was having a conversation with the artist, as I often did back then, about releasing something at Noise-Joy, and being told, with maybe a hint of aggravation (it was sometimes hard for me to tell), that RomanianMyth no longer wished to make “noise”, but that, sure, perhaps he would send me something. And, in little time, I received this: 12 pieces of distorted, experimental noise music. It was really cool, too, and went over pretty well among those who downloaded and heard it. I received positive feedback from at least one person for whom this album was the first thing they’d heard of the output of the Noise-Joy net label, so that was nice. There was so much released in such a short span of time that could have been anyone’s first exposure, and I am still satisfied for this to have been one of them.

It begins with ‘Ambiental Of Noise 01’, a rough kindling like pops of broken glass rising slowly. It swells into a harsh, white blizzard of noise. There’s something there, hard to pinpoint in the flurries, like a light ambient touch… I could be just imagining this. It begins to retreat, and we come to a span of near-silence. Flutters, heard as wisps of intangible heat. We rise and fall to noise, the pacing is like deep, meditative breathing.

‘Ambiental Of Noise 02′ feels like a synthetic didgeridoo, and there’s a groaning, wooden breakbeat, sputtering like rusty gears with digital splinters. Acid twinges, a square-wave drone… it’s got a groove, sort of, but feels also highly abstract, like some kind of experimental industrial b-side. I love the way the groove is stretched in places, and there’s all this feedback that is thrown in, a little painful but with an analog warmth. Wasp synth tones stab and punch through your ear drums like ice picks. Dark, Hermetic music for isolationists, like something Dark Vinyl would reissue.

There’s a loud chant on ’03’, punctured with high-pitched feedback synth drones, falling into a big distorted cacophony. This thing spins around, a merry-go-round from hell, a NON-scape. Distortion is paramount. Every lapse feels like falling off a stool in a bar onto beer-soaked wood. Distorted, electro-steel circus rhythms. Heavy bass blasts… this entire track is a brick wall of destruction we’re being held against. It can’t always hold against the earthquake frequencies. There are inaudible elements here crushing us in the less-intense periods.

’04’ is one of my faves. Intriguing spaces of ambient synth bliss texture pad sequences at the start, then the relentless assault of noise reigning it down. Very harsh, throttled. Rare periodic bleed-throughs of darkness, an ambiance lurking beneath intense surfaces. Electric digital bell piano, atmospheres, then our skulls shatter again. Deep, heavy bass, quaking. I love the atmospheres, as they emerge and are given space toward the end, feeling like an oceanic zone out chill video game area. It’s stretched…

… and we come to ’05’. Abrupt noise drill. Then, accordion and horn folk dance, the drills open up root canals, very strange sonic space here. Chomped up noise-rhythms layered on… so strange! Somehow, it works. It drops to noise at the end, followed by a wobbling texture.

On ’06’ we hear brickwalled bell tones, a low, shuffling downtempo groove, ambient, distorted howls of wind, percussive patterns, disjointed. Then, rhythmic blasts of harsh noise enter, cutting in and out in a chaotic way. A late night chillout thing coupled oddly with a harsh noise experiment.

More folksy sounds on ’07’, which are then joined by loud vocal chanting, bludgeoned by low distorted blasts of bass! Great stuff. Painful, but it gets a physiological and psychological reaction, mutating you into a werewolf with dance moves, stalking, moonwalking the neighborhood in a hairier version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

There’s a drop of liquid acid noise on ’08’, followed by more noise, surging upward into the mix, a spinning, ambient noise carousel. What sounds like an obscure, synth-generated voice yelling for a moment and dropping low… weird stuff. Spinning more and more… we’re then thrown and flattened into a noise-wall covered in a layer of sharp objects. A synth mumbles to itself, an electrified spring chime is struck many times toward the end.

’09’ is like extra crispy static, comprised of rapid sample granules firing off like rando synapses in an exploding brain. It’s like the sound of rain, screaming down. Harsh, quasi-rhythmic bursts, sonic elements like bombs falling, or a creaky toy horse, and then a field of distorted prolonged explosion.

Then, ’10’ gives us a semi-sequence of one sustained note, joined by a layer of organ octaves, fizzling in the repetition. We come to a span of rainforest drums, searing streams of noise, wildlife creeps through dark foliage. Spread soon overhead is the scorch of white noise, arhythmically bursting in. Brickwalling hard in the face. Crunches of leaves destroyed underfoot repetitively. Frogbots… the electro jungle returns.

There’s something like a piece of steel, bouncing like rubber at the start of ’11’, within an ambient loop construct that’s really very pretty. There’s a stop-motion breakbeat, soon replaced by hardcore machine-noise rhythms, wreckballing into the mix. It destroys all it touches, moves away, comes back like laser blasts from an alien ship hellbent on even further destruction. Strange bell tone chorus. The return of the fore.

The finale is ’12’. Signal feedback, wonky ambient string instrumentation like a harp undergoing some kind of temporal tremolo. Low drum rhythms… really nice. Swirls of some kind of soundchip noises, laser sound effects. More white noise blows in. A lovely end!

So, definitely give this one a shot! If you like noise, you’ll most likely appreciate listening to this. Here’s a link…

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