Nefasto Celiba – Midi Noise Wall

Artist: Nefasto Celiba
title: Midi Noise Wall
format: floppy diskette
keywords: noise, HNW, 8bit, midi, drone, ambient, experimental
label: Floppy Noise

The release will not only impress you with its lengthy audio content, it will also blow you away title-wise. The first track that I heard had the awesome name ‘fyjj.gfwj-qg-oip๗fyjj.gfwj-qg-oip๗fyjj.gfwj-qg-oip๗fyjj.gfwj-qg-oip๗’, I’ve tried many times to pronounce it, but luckily this is just text so there is no point showing my skills.

The more than 13 minutes long track is containing one of the coziest HNW midi that is out there at the moment. In fact, it might as well be one of the first ones to have created. Never in our historic history of discussing music we have had featured HNW midi tracks, but hearing this, I can tell you that it works stunningly with the same idea-less precision as the ones created in more traditional audio ways. Especially ‘fyjj.gfwj-qg-oip๗fyjj.gfwj-qg-oip๗fyjj.gfwj-qg-oip๗fyjj.gfwj-qg-oip๗’ sets a nice crackling atmosphere to sit down and hang your head in.

The other lengthy track (more than 30 minutes!) that my computer translated as ‘pvh.๗sr-bgr-pgeappvh.๗sr-bgr-pgeappvh.๗sr-bgr-pgeappvh.๗sr-bgr-pgeappvh.๗sr-bgr-pgeap’ is a more funky HNW midi track. Somehow the crackling wall has something jazzy, like a baseline that would have loved to be the center of attention in the Seinfield series, but instead had been made into an obscure track living on a couple of floppy diskettes. Which (in case the sound is reading this) is pretty much even more awesome then shining in the lime light for all the wrong reasons…

The last work on this excellent release that I would like to donate some words on, is blessed with the longest title among the three: yvoecfsspyrwrrqgaojbfrpco๗ijcpopjarfbrcpideeyedscppsdpbvsscorsvrwdgdgpqrppqqgwj๗ypiwjhpbdscr๗yfpfcrapwfcqypbaqbdpdhryvcpahfaphocwsyqajpbdrocc๗cqrcgevpfgbsrypp๗cidorrcwbroyfpqp๗ppqboyri๗. It’s also the longest audio source on this diskette, might even be longer than an hour long of nice clean midi HNW. It’s nice as without the usual hiss you can clearly hear the communicative details of the structured wall. It’s as if carton boxes with mittens on are trying to talk in muffled farts.

Say what you want but this release should be given credit for not only carrying so much audio on a single floppy diskette, having the most awesome titles, but most of all to actually manage to create such a distinctive HNW in a unchallenged format of pure midi. It’s the best of all worlds really!

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1 Response to Nefasto Celiba – Midi Noise Wall

  1. EsentPie says:

    “It’s as if carton boxes with mittens on are trying to talk in muffled farts.” That was the selling point for me. 🙂

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