Yogo Yolk – Moon Gait


Artist: Yogo Yolk
title: Moon Gait
keywords: experimental, female, garage, kosmische, krautrock, psychedelic, Glasgow
label: Cat On The Howling Moon Records https://catonthehowlingmoonrecords.bandcamp.com/
reviewer: Caffeinate

So, this was a chance happening. I was perusing the Facebook page, when I saw that this Yogo Yok had posted a song onto our wall. My immediate reaction was who was this? My other reaction was one of oh no, someone posted a song on our wall. We here at YIKIS do not mind requests for reviews, at all really, or people sharing music they have made/want us to check out.

For me at least, I have rather particular tastes and so it turns into this whole weird thing. On one hand, I feel somewhat obligated to review, etc. because well I have been there. Before I became the esteemed reviewer I am today, I remember feeling sad that when I had a release come out, it wasn’t reviewed. It was one of those sick, masochistic obsessive loves. Why didn’t they like it enough to review it? What did I do wrong? WHY DID THESE IGNORANT, ARROGANT FUCKS IGNORE MY LATEST MASTERPIECE? But I learned to quash those feelings and just do it for me. So, I tend to try and abate those potential feelings of the artists by giving them a review.

Anyways, back onto the track. I did some digging. Yogo Yolk is the co-founder of Cat On The Howling Moon Records, and they have been reviewed by YIKIS before! It was then I saw some clever names and links to other releases. So, while it is not the song they posted on our page, it is one of their latest albums titles Moon Gait, and boy was I in for a surprise.

It starts off with Ether Elves this neat little nigh Southern United States inspired guitar, with a slower drum beat with some infusion of electronic grittyness. Then comes in the lo-fi ethereal wave washing over it all. Many different synths come in together in sections, before returning to some of the grit. The flow is real. Lots of moods and tones all come together for this ride into the realm of the pointy eared creatures dwelling in that unknown space that at least known to me, dwells all sorts of eldritch creatures. Kudos to them for sticking it out, and being amongst the creepy crawly beasts that flutter around hopefully just in our nightmares.

We leave the ether to get an inspirational message in You Can Do It. HOLY FUCK THIS SHIT IS FUNKY. Like seriously funky. I can’t help but dance as I write this. Apparently the gait of the moon is full of fucking dance steps. This is a good thing. With some wak wakka and some verbed out vocal sounds and neat little basses and wahs we get groovin on down.

Slide to the left (and maybe cha cha real smooth) into the next track which was only a Matter of Time (seriously, this is why I am a writer people, for super clever lines like that (heavy sarcasm here folks, while I am completely full of myself, I am playful not serious, take me with a grain of salt if you think the flavor is too bland. I don’t taste that bland but hey I’m not a master of your perception)). Back with the funk guitar and slight washes of other worldly feels. We only go in pretty quickly as it fades away all too soon.

The Intelligent Machine is our next track. Some forms of violins come in rather quickly after the ahhhhhhh intro. It’s a return of the oh wait, they didn’t just bring back the funk did they? THEY DID! It fades away into a more string heavy section, more tension building up and up as this machine revs up into overdrive (which I mean overall produces less torque, I mean you want to be in a lower gear if ya wanna give it that umph ok let’s redo that sentence). More tension building as the track DOWNSHIFTS into a ncie grindy mesh of wonderful tones, as it mounts to get into a slight breakdown and we get that oh so funkay guitar with that violin. Mmm tasty.

I see the the title of this track and I hope to hell that the title is Oh Al. I have ran into the problem before where the fonts have shown a capital I in the same vein as a lower case L. Bad times. Must much grunged out guitar comes in before high pitched reversals and then back to that stompin beat. Is it block rockin’? It could be, I’m not familiar with how your block gets down but hey might as well try right? The drums stutter a bit and we continue on down the street. Where is this going? No clue. Sorry that I’m all over the place with the analogies and metaphors.

oh. oH. OH! This one is called The Moon Gait (my word it’s the title of the release with an extra the!). The strangeness comes in with some verbed out oooos and the hints of some drums and some form of note string, then come in the alien sounds and this beautiful organ. I enjoy organs. They produce a wonderful sound. Also some form of brass instrument peppers in occasionally. I think there was a music video for this one but I’m too lazy to redo my Facebook stalking of the artist page. Seems like some gangsta walkin on planetoid surfaces. It sounds like an electronic rain stick has come to keep us compant as the beat changes. Relaxing. Oh my these chords come in. They warm me right up. I might try and just remix this off the chords alone. Oh my, this trickle synth comes in (also there have been backing vocals most of the way through) before it glitches back into the deliciousness we got to get into before.

Alas it ends all too quickly, but we are onto the next track. Shipwrecked happens. These vocal effects are just spot on, really driving the vibe home as this slight melancholic guitar comes in and then these echoing chimes? whatever they’re fucking great. Tis a good time had by all. We continue on and then a riser. Oh fuck. Das wobblez. We get a break from the cool and into the grind once again. Oh shit, the track is over.

Contrary to popular belief, some magic is rather indulgent and doesn’t serve any real purpose. Thankfully Yogo Yolk reminds us that there is Practical Magic for those of us wanting to get shit done with our pixie dust and moonbeams and whatever else people use for magick these days. This sweet melody comes in, things feel alright and then HEY! the warp chords come in and we’re definitely taking care of business. The reverb man is apparently here and I wish I could bother to take the time to figure out what exactly it is what he is saying but hey, there’s a sun and breaking dawn or down or something. We’re also waking up one morning. Either way, it fits in nicely with all that is what is going on. I really fucked this up, I mean it’s a cool track. I’m listening to it more for the mood, I’m not able to dsicern meaning and what not but all these synths and these drums and the screams and yells and yeah you know what I’m getting at maybe. Mmm it gets stompy. Oh so stompy, and then we get this wonderful outro. So majestic. So floaty. Yay.

That concludes our listening of this album. I did walk to listen to this one, and my impressions from the walk were that this was such a chill release. I was in a feeling of desperation, it felt good to feel desperate and I wanted to spiral into something with someone. I don’t what it was I searching for but it just felt good to feel the strings of my heart being tugged. At one point I almost got pissed that it was so cool. I wanted it to turn dark and corrupted and fill my aching heart with the pleasure of sadness. It was a strange feeling. When I get like that, it feels like I just want to cry because of how I’m feeling. It’d be a good cry. Anyways, because I got that feeling anyway, I know that this is one of my favorite releases in a while and am glad I stumbled upon it. But yeah, didn’t talk any pictures because I just wanted to feel the music as I wandered around town. The only event of note was that well after I was done listening to Moon Gait, this woman on a bicycle suddenly appeared next to me and was repeatedly saying excuse me. She was on a beach cruiser and I think said something of I was trying to get your attention but you couldn’t here me. I thought “fuck you, just get off the sidewalk. Even if it looks like you’re holding onto something and probably don’t have the shocks to take the drop, just go off the curb into the street, you had plenty of time to do so because it’s not like you didn’t see me for at least 30 feet probably.”

ALRIGHTY. You can pick up your copy of this dopeness here


(I haven’t checked out the other releases on cothmr (I’m lazy so I abbreviate and fuck capitalization right now. from now one we don’t do capitals) but hopefully they are close ot if not as awesome as this one)

If (man that didn’t last)you want to keep up more currently with the musical machinations of Yogo Yolk you can check out the soundcloud:

Bon appétit


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