Black Boss – Hood Stories

Artist: Black Boss
title: Hood Stories
keywords: electronic, lobit, dance, rave
label: 20kbps

As the world is going to the shits and devils are ruling the masses, it’s good to know that our loyal friends over at the 20kbps netlabel are always out there to find some good relief. Their latest release is one that makes you ‘think’ in a let’s not think anymore & go party kind of way. It’s exactly what we need; a last dance that has the magic of bringing back the banging bangers of the good old days! Get the lollipops out of your pockets, stick them in your mouth, stick the raving glow-in-the-dark chemical sticks in the air & dance like you just don’t care!

The combination of weed and speed might be a perfect mix for these circumstances. I think we are going insane, but we do it with style and hardcore beats! Just plug into these lobit pieces of lobit delights and feel that cowbell in your crumbling guts!
Starting an instant dance party will be no problem thanks to direct hits that Black Boss unleashes in this in your face piece of bouncing bangers! The melodic parts have everything to make even the saddest loser smile, but some influential party nonprescription medications might help too!

Everything is here, Black Boss is simply killing it like a boss. Think of those wicked salsa percussions, the fine claps that will slap life back in your sacked face & those bouncy four by four bouncing dope kicking kicks that even a arrhythmic person can’t go wrong with! Feel this stuff, blast it out loud and forget the bleakness and replace it with the vibes of Black Boss! The instant micro bubble of raver’s delight!

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