Deftechnixks – Dfxx EP

artist: Deftechnixks
title: Dfxx EP
keywords: rock avant-garde experimental noise rock non-musical instruments polska prepared guitar racket screaming Poznań
label: Underpolen

The finer points of music are like inexpensive caviar to sit up and bark to the moon for. This album is such a work, exclusive, rare and raw; just fished-up from the bottom of a bottomless explosive Pitt, hooked by a hook and fished up by the infamous Underpolen label.

It must have been a sacrifice of many sore throats, of instruments to broken to be recognized; but whatever it took to make this happening into such a raw deli caddy; it was an expressive bold and right choice to sacrifice all for!

It begins as cavemen shout in their prehistoric costumes while pouring salt on your tongue. These classy flavors all striped down to perform the basis of original punk rock, with the upper side of high class tea for the rare obscurities: Nothing is better. It’s music stripped to the basics: a tea cup without tea but with sugar, or perhaps tea without the tea bag; it’s a particular flavor, active and up to boil the ears like a raw fish on a plate.

you can expect someone vomitting in passionate expression. A flow of Tin foil Drums rolls that form a speedy heart attack as the voices blast their delicate sound through their expressional mouths. You can hear the spice, the salty tongues and the cream of passion written all over it. It’s the kind of thing of a band that will be happy to be just locked up in a empty room with a plastic bottle and an elastic string & turn it into the finest to the point pointless points of music; expression.

It even might goes a bit in havoc mode when the delicacy is digested on an empty stomach. It goes for a nice shamble with a fine menacing melody madness, rambling bangers and lots of ‘yeah’s’ to make you want to pull the hairs out of your ears just because it’s a useless filter. It’s all about the stripped down sound, no need for filters and special effects; let’s keep this herring fresh!

The finer points of music is simply back to the basics; rambling in the muddy sound of balanced ballads that makes you want to dance like a polite collector sitting on a trophy of rare music taste: Extra shining with the sound of something that resembles a guitar, going for a frantic sensation with acidic voices flavoring the pastel colors of pure rawness. It will not be hard to tell that the rebel yells will be from the guts, making it one of these releases that you can’t say no against. Just strip out of your clothes, pull out a pubic hair and start playing it like it’s a string of a guitar! That is the spirit of this release… One way too short, yet also never too long!

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