You People – Deliver Me Home

Artist: You People
title: Deliver Me Home
keywords: alt-rock, video

You People, yes… You People… I’m in such a state that I can’t drive or even walk home. I’m counting on You People to Deliver Me Home. Don’t ask me what had happened to me, I have no idea too. I can’t recall drinking heavily, but I might have accidentally switched liquid speed with apple juice & licked a few too many magical postal stamps; it might explain why I’m still able to write so clearly. Stay away from booze people, there is lots of better stuff out there to do the trick.

But You People, you got to Deliver Me Home. The view from my point is blurry, images coming from pure hallucinations are projected on my brain as we speak. Glowing illuminati signs, psychedelic background bits, blurry special effects twisting the visuals into a incoherent blurry mess. Luckily through it I’ve just enough eye-sight to see You People. In fact I see you people playing instruments, are you a band? Yes, when I focus I can see You People a bit more clearly; one of you is strumming a guitar in fast pace, one is drumming those drums and I can see one of You People sing! It’s difficult to focus for all too long as my vision is slightly intoxicated, but you know what; my ears are picking it all up clearly!

I trust You People, as you sound like a group of people that I can trust. Trust enough to ask you to Deliver Me Home. Trust you enough to know I will be brought home even though I can’t recall where home is. Home is where the heart is, so it might be a short drive as when You People play like this, I might consider moving here and claim it as my comfy home. Saves us all the ride, and You People can just keep on playing instead of bothering to Deliver Me Home.


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