Brunnen – Selbst

Artist: Brunnen
title: Selbst
keywords: Electronica, Experimental
label: Sirona Records

Brunnen uses the smoothness of sound to penetrate the ears and other parts of the skin with enough natural lubricant to fall over if you aren’t careful. The wet sensual sound of sliding in and out is a sexual happening, massaging your inner parts like a tongue that likes to lick like Lassie. Just relax as the music does its thing, filling you up with great detail, hitting all the right spots of pleasure and delight.

Let the sexy sexual electronic sound of Brunnen take care of you. Brunnen will take you to a lustful heaven in which inner thoughts are opened and beautiful landscapes of orgasmic delights are laid out. The artist knows how to make a listener come into the realm of pure satisfaction. Brunnen works with great detail of pleasurable foreplay, down to the more inner core humping of well-directed g-spot action. What can a listener wish more for?

You can go to a beauty farm, a massage salon or a spa; but with Brunnen’s Selbst around (which is free to hear and download!) you would be pretty much better served. Brunnen simply knows how to pleasure a listener, giving them the right hits, the right sensual sensations, the right touches and strokes, the perfect punches and the excellent blows; Brunnen is a clear expert and when the album has done its thing you probably would be spotted smoking a cigarette… It’s this kind of sexiness that gives you all the attention, makes a person melt from sexy comfort over and over again. The music will give you multiple ‘happy endings’.

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