Pussyfoooter – 4 Songs

Artist: Pussyfoooter
Title: 4 Songs
keywords: experimental ghettotech aesthetic art experience sound art weird United States
label: Ear Pioneer https://www.facebook.com/earpioneer/

These four tracks by Pussyfoooter are so much fun; you shouldn’t read about them but just instantly play them. You won’t be disappointed and trust me there are no words available for these tracks that can do it Justice. It would be more in style to just put on a webcam and do the review in dancing form. Just roll the cameras as these fun tunes, quality rhythms, cool weirdo beats and fresh sounds freak you up like a happy electro head with the dancing capabilities of an original fruitcake.

Difficult to describe in words but the dancing moves will speak on their own. Unfortunately the webcam at our reviewers office is out of order, but I bet this is the kind of fun release that you can review in dance form from the comfort of your home. Just find a large mirror and put these creative pumping pumpers on and watch yourself reacting to these tracks! Four tracks of spastic happy creativity; you will have never seen yourself doing such dance moves in the mirror! I give you a 10, because just me imagining you dancing in front of the mirror while blasting these fun tunes by Pussyfoooter is enough for me to convince that you are an excellent reviewer! So here is your assignment, have fun with it:

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