Hank the Think Thank – HAnK222

Artist: Hank the Think Thank
title: HAnK222
keywords: breakcore, experimental, glitch, dunno
label: MAV http://mavrecords.webs.com

The religious and sportive man named Hank the Think Thank is at home in all kinds of things. In this fine release you can hear the result of him being crawled up in a chicken place. Covered in fresh chicken poop & armed with a microphone Hank surrounded himself with chickens just for your entertainment. That’s the kind of individual Hank is; no mountains to high & no chicken barns too small!

Talking about chicken barns, Hank was also one of the big names on the resent MAV festival, an event so big the big ben looked embarrassingly small in comparison. We will have hopefully some footage of that soon. Next to chickens the man is like a fish in the water surrounded by pumped up ravers, house loving house-wives, paid and unpaid dancers and amazing bass players with a bit of funk in their guts.

Hank just jumps from one scene into another, with every jump hardcore kicks grow out of his holy footprints, with every toilet visit he defecates intelligence. When the artist moves his lips in a vibrating way it sounds like a mouthy guitar solo & if that’s not enough: Hank brought his choir friends, his trumpet loving blues people & even the soul of ‘The Prodigy’.

Hank rolls out just as easy the breakbeats as he records himself brushing his teeth with a pimped up electric toothbrush. I don’t know, the multifunctional artistry of Hank the Think Thank clearly dominates the ‘dunno’ genre like a holy person of whateverism.

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