Reptilians from Andromeda – Blood Planet

Artist: Reptilians from Andromeda
title: Blood Planet
keywords: rock, alternative

The Reptilians From Andromeda are infiltrating the eyes and ears from their newly dropped music video. With a moody atmosphere they drown you into their alien reptilian zone. They might present themselves in human skin, but the music video reveals their human body victims waiting for them to possess them. Male and female lifeless body parts are surrounding The Reptilians From Andromeda as they clearly sing about how they stabbed some in their heart and melted in their eyes. This must have been the way how these reptilians got their stock of bodies, who (believe me or not) all have their genitals removed…

The Reptilians From Andromeda will get away with murder, and even if they sit in jail; a camera crew is allowed to visit and film for their propaganda video. Why The Reptilians From Andromeda still go through the hassle of disguise as humans is to me a mystery, they must love their human body suits, perhaps making it easier to play their instruments then in their natural reptilian form. I can imagine their tails being in the way when hitting the guitars or it’s just that they want to go down to the grocery store without having to deal with mass hysteria.

The drummer (who I still guess is a human, unaware being among shape shifted reptilians) is now spotted with a tattooed tear under his eye… Is this the mark that he might be aware of what’s happening? Is this perhaps a secret sign that he has no choice to play within this band or otherwise face the risk to turn into a useful body part for their camouflage needs?

You can hear this tune and others from the following link:

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