Rootea – Brandlcast (live in F.Starter bar)

Artist: Rootea
title: Brandlcast (live in F.Starter bar)
keywords: experimental jazz fusion rock avant-garde experimental rock live improvisation psychedelic sludge Yekaterinburg

Rootea’s magical trippy roots-tea comes in the shape of lively played music. It’s been given to visiting people who went to the F.Starter bar (a real place to start some you-know-what) These F’s are clearly made possible by this roots-tea and its psychedelic ingredients. You don’t even need to sip it to feel it. In fact you can pour it into both your ears from wherever you are, just hold up your head sideways and fill up the ears one by one like it’s a tea cup.

The Rootea sound is rich of flavor, made with real ingredients; sax, guitar, drums, a shaker, etc… oh, and attitude. The inner root of this rootsy-tea is the truthful psychedelia. It’s weird that it isn’t magic mushroom tea, as trust me the results would be overlapping. The atmosphere that becomes when slipping the sound of Rootea through your head, is the one of slowly going down into your feet will make your arms grow; the mind expand and the floor look like a bouncy trampoline. It’s a miracle that the visitors of the F.Starter bar are still be able to put their hands together and clap, cause just listening to this album at home makes me lose control of these simple body functions. Clapping? Do I place one hand against one foot? How does it work?

The music isn’t the only thing that is psychedelic within this Rootea performance, there are also the lyrics. Probably difficult for the non-Russian speaking people, but don’t feel ashamed as I’ve heard from a very reliable source that EVEN for the Russian natives these spoken words are hard to understand and define. Apparently the words come out of a psychedelic novel made by a friend of the band… Stories about (quote) “garbage elves, scientists-gay-cannibals, frosty patephone god and other hardly translated heroes…”

In the end I don’t care as this music makes you feel like that… You just want to hear it, sit in it, enjoy the progressive psychedelic roots floating all over the place, taking us somewhere else… In fact a place so nice that the whole idea of starting an F is thrown out of the window & transforms into the feeling of actually ‘giving a F’ about the world, nature, goblins, cannibals, grass, air, dirt… LOVE!

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2 Responses to Rootea – Brandlcast (live in F.Starter bar)

  1. Thank you very much!
    The concert video will be available soon on youtube com / avssilvester

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