Eve Alman – From the Storm

artist: Eve Alman
title: From the Storm
keywords: heartfelt music, songs, sing & songwriter, multi instrumentalist, folk
reviewer: Willem van O.

You know as a music reviewer you sometimes give up, you have been digging through all the stuff that is send in to hear and you just think it’s all the same. But then just at the moment that you tied a heavy stone onto your own legs, ready to toss yourself from the closest bridge music -travels into your ears… a sound that sound human and honest; a savior. You untie your legs and follow the sound in order to find out what had saved you from the big jump…

The music by Eve Alman is the kind that does this; I might not have gone out yet to apply the heavy stone on to my legs, but spiritually it felt a bit this way. Towering through ten thousand requests and none of them sincere sounding, a collection of fly-on-the-wall folksy cowboy pop that doesn’t do anything… and then suddenly there was a link to the website of Eve Alman in which her album was greeting my ears with care.

There is a real heart beating there ’She sings it in “whispered Echoes” and that seems to apply to her own music. Of course tastes might differ, but you can clearly hear when music is made with heart and passion, clearly being alive then all these wallpaper flower pot sounds of faceless nobodies.
This music has a soul in there, a real heart and each track actually automatically encourages hearing more. The music is nice and diverse; she sings with a pleasant distinctive clear voice and uses also nice harmonies. The sound can swing nicely like ‘skipping Stones’ or has this nice dreamy feel, it can also be bluesy, and you shouldn’t even be surprised when greeted with nice guitar works that makes you want to howl at the moon. Eve Alman’s music seems to be home in many kinds, but all perfectly one.

I don’t want to describe all these songs that await for you at Eve Alman’s website, but I consider them as newly found friends, good palls that will pull you from the suicide bridge like a little cloud of love that is made with sincere kindness and (not unimportant!) is also sounding pretty wonderful.

Eve Alman is clearly an artist who writes and plays her songs from the inside out, a hippy soul trapped in a fresh sound. Thank you Eve Alman, thanks for giving some color to a long day at the YIKIS reviewers’ office. .. Oh and thank you too, for making it all the way to the end of this writing. Untie that heavy stone from your legs, give the music a hand and check your new friend out at the following link:

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