Oy – Stimming EP

Artist: Oy
title: Stimming EP
keywords: alternative electronic experimental Los Angeles
label: Flexible Records

Oy! Oy! Listen up! Listen to Oy’s Stimming EP as you will slip over a banana peel and be instantly wide awake when Oy opens up the mouth and throws in the beats. Oy! I’m not kidding, mate! Just go down to that link below and hear ‘So So’ and let it serve you up a nice show. At the end we can swing and celebrate deliriously & what’s not to love about that?

Oy! Or perhaps you like it a bit more settled? Something intimate and sweet… Well guess what? Oy! Oy, listen up! Oy delivers this too! I ‘Dunno’ how to say it, so better listen up. Oy got those smooth flavored rhythms with devotional singing that makes you feel like you are lying in bed with them. Cozy and under the blankets as Oy sing in both your ears in a nice fluffy way…

Oy! Oy! Are you sleeping or what? Oy is even able to do you some ‘Healing’. It’s as if they had sucked the life out of that radiohead guy, spread it all over their own original sound like a nice sweet slow emotional pastry; a huge plaster with lovely tear-jerking electric strings and nice moving drums for the right dose of energy: who cares about fruit juice when you can get healthy by Oy!

Oh and if that’s not enough Oy throws in some rocky poppy lo-fi stuff with big beats and a catchy hook and baseline. Oy! ‘Who do you trust?’ my words here, or your own ears? Yes, I guess so! Listen to ‘Martial Marxist’ and get beamed into outer space at the final end.

It is clear where Oy’s inspiration might come from; there is something of the sensitivity in the voice that gives it away… But the sound, the not-being-afraid-of-distortion and lo-fi originality makes Oy much more intriguing to me. No sleak bleak crystal clear studio production, but something much more open for crisper ideas & if you listen to ‘Beg’ (Oy! Listen up!) you can hear that it delivers that golden moment of fruitfulness. … Oy! I mean; it pays off!

Oy! Oy! Are you still there? Don’t slip out on me… No No that isn’t cool yo! I still have to ramble something about the final track, it features some nice nasty synth sound, scruffy crunchy drum and more devotional singing by… uh… who? Oh yes: Oy! No No definitely not so bad at all…

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