Samuel Bone – Fluctuous

Artist: Samuel Bone
title: Fluctuous
keywords: Electronic, Techno, Experimental, Ambient
label: Sirona-Records

People in the US seem to have fallen in love with an adorable cuddly person named mister Ken Bone, armed with a red sweater and mustache he is like a cartoon version of everyone’s favorite dopey uncle. But let’s forget Ken and move on to Samuel Bone. Let’s refrain from Samuel Bone’s looks and dressing sense and just take a peek in his audio kitchen. He had cooked up ‘Fluctuos’ an album that comes across pleasant and raw starting with a bit of djembe and strange synth work that seems shy to come out and fully expose itself. Don’t you want to squeeze Samuel Bone’s cheeks from how adorable it is?

The real track that turned me over was ‘Chronie’, here Samuel Bone seems to have dropped the shyness and plays around with a cute warm fructuous melody with a proud moving groove that isn’t afraid to be heard, even slightly moving into the red-zone of tiny distortion. Samuel Bone pulls it in and out just like a sexual act, but then a bit different.

Samuel Bone then gives us a fine moment of his unique eccentricity. It comes as ‘Kringle Kan Surplus’ which starts at first like some kind of science fiction atmosphere before playing around with loud slow beat that a toad could dance on. But then it’s time to speed up and a quick rabbit will be running around under the loud cheers of a huge stimulating crowd, surpassing the slow turtle like a true winner.

The new folk hero Samuel Bone hits the cowbell and slowly throws in a nice trippy beat under the name ‘Uhl’. This is one of the more stable tracks on this release, giving enough time to get into it and slightly feel tripped out in. It’s nicely decorated with a minimal but smooth ambience that would go well with a few puffs of magical green. But don’t inhale too much as the end is a bit creepy.

The more experimentation side of Samuel Bone comes in Hrathlemore in which he plays around with rhythm & drums, occasionally speeding things up or slowing things down. It easily slips into the last heartbeat of this release as heard in ‘Fluctuous’, which goes out on a more stable light weight tickling break. Not so sure what to think of it all, other than that I truly hope that Samuel’s experiments will be just as loved as the Bone with the red sweater and funny mustache.

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