Anwaar Ali – An Orphan’s Dream

Artist: Anwaar Ali
Title: An Orphan’s Dream
format: CD / Digital
Keywords: new age, ambient
reviewer: Willem van O.

Being a guitar player and music producer might not exactly make you think of the music that Anwaar Ali dropped on his latest album. It probably got to do with the thematic subject that the album seems to be about; channeling An Orphan’s Dream. I’m not an orphan myself which makes it difficult to find out if all orphans dream alike, or this is about a very specific orphan, but the fact is that this orphan is clearly dreaming up Enya.

I’m not an orphan, but did in fact have some meetings with Enya in my dreams. We would sit on a boat between the clouds; we would just let it float with the calm wind as we drink ‘high’ tea from tiny teacups. On another occasion of such a dream meeting with Enya she came riding in on top of a large polar bear in the middle of summer, singing a wonderful song that somehow magically made it rain flowers. It wasn’t awkward or weird, it was just a dream dreamed up by someone who isn’t an orphan.

I can’t really imagine what an orphan’s dream meeting with Enya would go, but just based on listening to this album I can only think it must be something more magical, definitely involving Enya singing her soothing angelic new age voice over a lush landscape of music. It might be the dream that an orphan goes through when wanting to escape reality, perhaps dreaming of flying over the hills on the back of a swan together with Enya, holding hands with her towards new magical destinations far removed from reality.

The title track ‘An Orphan’s Dream’ gives the flight a nice kick, making me want to do facial expressions with the sung sound. The music is like a sun, a dream with melodies that nipple dip in the realms of the new-age like a hot air balloon lifting itself into the air on a nice day. There is piano, guitar, bass and a bit of a motherly vibe that seemingly want to kiss and hug us into this musical journey. Maybe that’s what this dream is about; a dream of not being an orphan anymore & while we are at it -growing some angel wings and going for a little light flight straight into the warm welcoming arms of our fantasy verion of Enya…

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