La Tigresa del Oriente & friends

I know we have been acting rather serious around here lately, and this post will simply underline our seriousness just one more time. I have fallen in love, not in the traditional sense of the word, but in love in a more untraditional way. It was one lazy afternoon when my ears and eyes went on a long YouTube journey, one that started with two tropical sounding goddesses in pink glitter dresses. I don’t know where they are from, what language they sing in or what their deal is; but they are amazing.

They simply danced and sung -licked poles and smiled, wiggled and had infectious fun in front of one of the most spectacular music videos that had paraded in through the internet on that very morning. Here you can have a look and a ‘hear’ for yourself:

Of course this was begging for more research from our professional journalistic department, but when I passed this video to them they just kept on sending videos back in response. No information they gave me, only more music videos to burn that lovely fan adoring fire within me up like burning coal inside a barbecue. Apparently one of the pink dress wearing artists was La Tigresa del Oriente, a name now burned into my mind like an inverted inside-out tattoo. It was basically one sided love at first, second, and millionth sight. What a performer, so fierce, so fearless, so proud, so wild, so ‘wroar’ like a tiger princess who will poke your eyes out if you don’t adore her. But don’t be afraid, this is one of these artists who are hard no to love. Just trust me on this… check this song and video out and wiggle your own butt from worshipping appreciation! What a joy, what a show, what a sunny goodness to hear, see, and discover the art from this tigress:

I might be one of her new admirers but I’m certainly not the only one. YouTube shows so many hits and views that it makes me think that it might be okay to crawl out from under the secluded rocks a bit more often as then we might have had the chance to be aware of a Tigresa del Oriente and friends for a much longer period in time. But oh well seeing it as a great wine, sometimes it’s just better when discovered at a later date. To leave this no info -just pointing things out- post on a good note, I wanted to show you another video in which she teamed up with two other interesting artists. One is the fully grown Wendy Sulca which you can see and hear here in a younger version (which is also highly recommended!) in which she sings along with her own talented boyband in a singing style that is pretty much unique. She sings with this adorable squeak in her voice… I can’t explain it… and if this doesn’t convince you to watch; there is also a nice sleeping extra in there!

Next to Wendy Sulca the tiger lady also stars next to a modern day dressed cowboy, one artist that also speaks to the imagination. But the golden outfit of the cult heiress is one that is the uncrowned winner of the scene. Together they seemingly have a nice party going on, which you can join by tuning in below:

Ah, you are still here? What a surprise… maybe the next video will do the magical trick?

For more La Tigressa del Oriente, please check out the following links:

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