Bill Mumy – Johnny Boy Got His Drum

artist: Bill Mumy
title: Johnny Boy Got His Drum
keywords: Bill Mumy, raindance, environmental action, video

In parts of the world there have been a huge drought. Lakes are being pumped up by Nestle for profit and the fish and other water needy friends (humans and animals!) are down a dead end. Luckily we have the newest music video for Bill Mumy’s Johnny Boy Got His Drum to help out from the greedy capitalist and other environmental baddies. Accompanied with his song, the video explains with a phenomenal cast of characters; how to make it rain! Watching this video and playing the song will instruct you enough how to apply this to wherever you are reading this from… The crops are going to die? No water to wash and the trees are looking to thirsty to be true? Play this video & pay attention as you too can save the world from drying up!

The solution is simple; Bill Mumy & Johnny Boy’s drum and a specific style of dancing. You might have heard about it, but probably wasn’t quite sure if it was true or not; but guess what: IT IS TRUE!
Bill Mumy and friends shows you that ancient knowledge of ‘the rain-dance’. The only way to make it rain on command with the natural forces of Mother Nature by your side! Bend the back, follow the amazing poses and you too can make it rain, turning you into a super hero with the magical ability to kick out the drought, form clouds and make the rain drops fall again! What a relief, what a lovely thing to be able to do! Just typing this I can smell the fresh drops and the happy trees and plants!


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