Crever – Konstruktivist

Artist: Crever
Title: Konstruktivist
Keywords: ambient ebm electronic experimental industrial noise rhythmic noise The Netherlands

Crever spews out the sound like smoke from a smoke machine. Once the ears are full fog Crever hits the slow warrior drum into the designated area; your head. Knocking on your head while surrounded in a cloud of pot the clever Crever slowly but surely adds the electronic buzz with additional stroboscope effects. Everyone’s favorite psychopath woman’s spirit is integrated like a bonus extra, making the acidic acid coming from the electronic fuzz one like a last meal on death row.

Crever’s smoke goes up your nose, flashes blind the eyes and the electric pulse psychologically hypnotizes anyone into a slave of the rhythm. Heads move like a chicken pecking invisible seeds from the ground, shoulders move like lose flexible octopuses as the warrior beat pumps on. Crever’s clever constructional live sets are going into to every opening of the listener, settling in the bones and pulling the strings of the muscles. Even the anus muscle opens and closes on the rhythm that Crever cleverly directs from its cabinet of electrifying hypnosis.

With the other live set Crever also starts with the right amount of smoke band smog but goes for a more Goa construction, with hyper speed sneakiness that goes well with the pill popping crowd that half hangs into psychosis and the other half is well aware open minded third eye raver. Crever molds the live session with noise and experimentation, creating some kind of jungle vibe that is like an engineered nature in which plants and trees are half mechanic, like a not moving non humanoid version of Robocop.

Konstruktivist is the last track and drops the facade of the smoke screen by going straight for the sound of lasers & an electric shaver before blowing our genitalia with electronic techno acid material on a massaging bed of an swiping all-observing rhythm. Pubic hairs aren’t safe from the electric shaver as it flows around the intoxicating sound show like a ghostly barber who just doesn’t want to accept that he or she is dead. The track builds, constructs and demolish every aching stiffness in a listener’s body, resulting in snake like belly dance moves and eyes that are looking far out. Clever for sure knows how to cater a drugged up audience, even so much so that even a sober person might feel like someone spiked their glass of tap water with LSD.

Crever will be performing live at the following Gifgrond party (19 November, Tilburg, The Netherlands), so if you want to see the smoke, inhale the fog or perhaps feel the need to see the lasers and let the electric shaver do its hypnotic constructional thing, it’s best to pay the upcoming party a most honorable visit. Go sober and come out like an alien who will not even be able to take a taxi ‘home’! Ah, but for now get into the mood, the groove, and the clever intoxicating live constructions of the clever Clever at the following link:

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