Dad Lipsticks – Awakening, 2007 – 2010

Artist: Dad Lipsticks
Title: Awakening, 2007 – 2010
Label: None
Cat#: N/A
Keywords: The, And, A, Best Of, Smash Mouth
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Back at you with another all star review so hot you might as well be walkin on the sun. This time, we’ll be talking about a huge 37-track album by Dad Lipsticks! It’s fantastic, and there will be lots to see and hear, so I guess in a way I’m gently pressuring us out of this introduction and into the actual review segment…

The first track is ‘I Love Your Insides’, and it’s a really cool electronic piece in which the elements seems like they’re running in different bpms. There’s a video for it, too!

The magical music plays while a man stands on the roof of a building in short shorts, a cap and glasses.

Next up is ‘Spelling Contest’, which is a treat for the ears! Bonking bells in lovely toy nursery melodies, occasional pops and some light ride cymbals… short and sweet, like much of the material presented here.

There is a sustained whistle at the start of ‘Sleepwalking’, and a rhythm and digitally sharp vocal comes in. I enjoy how the tempo is like malleable plastic, stretched and snapping back every couple measures.

‘Leanies’ is like a magical uptempo dance seaside polka, with rap samples tossed in, wow!

‘Our Brain Oozes Candy’ is another pure magic track, and I was gonna write all this stuff about how beautiful it was, but this cat tried to sit between me and the laptop and I lost focus. Trust me, though, it’s really nice.

‘Today (Rmx)’ is another gorgeous piece of electronic bliss that just sort of fades upward and becomes entangled with a voice, and I love the digital chopping that happens here and pretty much everywhere on this album.

Then, ‘Happy Happy Milk’ brings us children speaking, more toy orchestra tones and piano, in a thing somewhat reminiscent of BoC or Aphex Twin.

‘Dance’ is 11 seconds of dreamy dream dance.

There’s a nice sequential piano at the beginning of ‘Four Birthdays Alone’, lots of loop pops, digital/granular vocal groans…

… then, on ‘I Mrs. You’, we are treated to reverse-swells and rhythm guitar. This one’s really lovely! Sort of introspective, but light; like staring up at clouds just outside a city. Swirling sounds toward the end are fantastic!

Darker guitar melodies in ‘Tossing Stones’, and really pretty digitized atmospheric granules of sound… it makes me feel like I’m sitting on a rock at a shallow stream and staring at a clear flow of water as it passes by.

Next up is ‘Nine Hopeless Skies’, which spins forth into a cello, accompanied by a small flute, then more rap samples, going into a glitch hop thing like Prefuse 73.

I love the 8-bit sounds throughout ‘Danny Dear (Dad Lipsticks Rmx)’! Super dancy and fun!

‘Daughters’ is queasy, like seasickness, with bouncy lofi sounds. More reverse tones, plonking piano, chorus effects maybe.

Moving onward, ‘Dizzy’ continues the feeling, with chops of guitar. I love it.

‘Gay Grandpa’ features more awesome 8-bit sounds, and reminds me of something I can’t put my finger on…

… ‘Jizzen’ even sparklier!

Then, we come to ‘Winter Wishes’, which feels very lofi, with splashy white-noise percussion.

‘Jumjum’ is quiet at first, growing into a very beautiful song of synth chords and piano. All of the music on this is great! Bonks of xylophone toward the end.

‘Ringing’ is like a recording of a few answering machine messages, with low synth ambient bliss beneath.

After that is ‘Dkdkdkdkdkdkdkdkkd’. Someone’s yelling, and there are reverse guitar tones while people are talking.

‘I Can Bounce To That’ is choppy bouncing synth tones, with a lovely, fun melody!

These tracks keep comin’ and they don’t stop comin’. ‘Workshop’ is like a toy elf factory, in which xmas bells sing, and a shuffle clap groove comes in. There’s rap vox overlaid… really great sounds here, that sizzle with difficulty in the higher frequencies due to my horrible laptop speakers.

We head next into ‘Girl Meat Yum’, another piano-laden introspective dream, sparkling Vivaldi piano for a moment in rich surroundings with high ceilings.

While I’m floating off up to the rafters, ‘Dollhouse’ begins to play, and drops me back with its low noisy atmosphere, simple joy piano refrains in occasionally stretched time, and sampled voices.

After this, is ‘Kent And The Johnsons’, with a news broadcast and clap groove, followed up with low piano. A micro-beat with rapid-fire steel percussion… samples cut in and out, there’s wonderful synth bass, a slightly expanded groove.

‘Catch That Rabbit!’ is perfect, I love the sounds and the harmonies, it’s got a melancholy funkiness to it, with sampled guitar frets and frequent glitches.

The next track is ‘Cute Aims For Me’, which brings us back to uptempo NES chiptune music! This one’s frantic, and very enjoyable, plus longer in length than many others we’ve heard. 🙂

‘Fur Animals’ is glitchy ambient, blissful, with a pop keeping time, low notes from piano, wonderful upward arpeggio of magic, dream harmonies. Reverse tones fly into the mix… a vocal undergoing permutations…

On ‘Gumbo’ there are these rapid loops of piano and other sounds! Whoa.

‘Hey’ is like a flight through clouds on a DX-7. Lots of synth sounds soar past all around us, the primary sequence is like a banjo, and there are lots of bells now like bird wings.

Then, ‘Milk’ is like a glitched out recording of a jazzy electric piano. Really nice!

‘Mouse Eating Paint’ starts off with some warped bells, before heading into a light, strange-feeling ambient piece with a tiny clav / rim / clap groove.

On ‘Trying New Things With David Blaine’, we hear a clip of people speaking, and then suddenly we are thrust headfirst into a brick wall of badass distorted industrial breakbeats!

On ‘Unenthusiastic Onomatopoeia’ there are lovely ambient pads and bells for a few seconds.

‘Beees’ begins with flutes, and floats on and on into wonderful, pastoral ambient places! I feel like I’m flying.

Sadly, we have come to the end… ‘I’m Sorry’ starts off with a buzzy saw synth and moves into a wild forest of synthesizer elves, dancing among the trees. More sampled rap, while the music bounces around.

I can’t believe what I’ve just heard… this whole collection of music is great, something like a magically induced hallucination of childhood, and is the perfect thing to listen to on a cold, sunny day like today. So, I hope you will click the link below and listen to it yourself. You’d really be missing out on an awesome thing if you didn’t… don’t put yourself through that and live with eternal regret…

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