Mothraisin – Mothraisin’s Moonlight Melodica

Artist: Mothraisin
Title: Mothraisin’s Moonlight Melodica:
Keywords: experimental, bad boo, free jazz, gospel, lofimelodica, noise, psychedelic, Wilmington

Mothraisin’s Moonlight Melodica raised a melodica like a baby of its own. In Mothraisin’s hands it sits comfortably as he feeds it like a mother bird feeds her children, but instead of pre-chewed food Mothraisin just gives its child air to inhale. Mothraisin moves its caring fingers over the melodica while exhaling air deeply into it; a vital exchange that converts a average daily human activity in one that turns into the sound of music.

It isn’t a very lengthy exchange, so if it’s done in public nobody should be really obliged to give Mothraisin a dirty look. Besides if you listen to the melodica that Mothraisin is raising, it is clear that the child is polite, kind and is already fully potty trained. It is among the sound of virtual intelligence, you can hear the incoming messages popping in as the artist and ‘child’ do their intimate things. Maybe you should visit them (not too long!) at the appropriate time, bring a jazzy vibe that goes well with Mothraisin’s melodica being caressed in the moonlight.

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