Noelle Tannen & The Filthy No​-​Nos

Artist: Noelle Tannen 
Title: Noelle Tannen & The Filthy No-Nos
Keywords: indiesoul neo-soul r and b r&b r&b/soul rock soul soulpop funk horns jazz jazzpop singer-songwriter New York

Noelle Tannen & The Filthy No are putting the hand in your face, waving it while implying that you have been listening to the wrong music all this time. No, no all had been a waste of time, the hand points towards Noelle Tannen and The Filthy No-Nos; this is it! Real music! Actual music… it might scare us, even feel a bit unfamiliar at first (after all it’s so long ago we heard actual music…) but then it swings and you’ll accept it like the treasure that it is.

The music clearly doesn’t want you to hear anything else, gives it everything in a one go. A saucy music fest with voice and unexpected expectedness and expected unexpectedness; signs of hours being spend in a music studio to get the most out of it. I understand this hand that you can speak to but one that will not hear about any other band or music producer out there, this hand is attached to Noelle Tannen & The Filthy No-Nos who clearly convinces that there is no need to chat about other music as they ARE the music.

When you stop talking the hand lowers down, making way for more of the actual music to flow in clearly. It convinces that it’s the kind of music that deserves enough focused attention to grow ears like Prince Charles for; the bigger the better! The music slips so easily into these ears, like feet in wooly footies; it gives that appreciative feeling of music that you can feel sinking in your gut, spreading it from the inner sanctuary all over the rest of the music loving body. Music is something to believe in, a holy grail that suddenly knocked on our door & made itself instantly at home.

When it hits the heart (which it does quite directly) you’ll be over the moon. Noelle Tannen is like a fish in water within the music and in your ears, her voice swings, is warm and has this magical dynamics to be just at easy at ease in swing, soul, jazz, and theatric show-tunes, rhythm and blues and even samba and what’s not… the music is great, well played material that you can’t say ‘no’ too, you could, but that would be pretty stupid.
Everything sounds classy, while never a bore because they all can switch the vibe in an instant, almost sounding if they managed to find a way to make multiple vibes in one single song.

Noelle sings that they are the invaders, and in that case I think an invasion of Noelle Tannen & The Filthy No-Nos would be the invasion that we all have been waiting for. I’m thinking of people waiting for years for their arrival in the Nevada desert… waiting there in the hot burning sun while they just land here in the shade on our humble blog and then quite possibly move their sound of music directly into your head; bringing a swinging show that is quite infectious.

It makes me want to wear a feathery boa around my neck, a long fuzzy coat, perhaps a fancy dress; you know things to wear for a celebration. Things to swing possessedly in while the gospel of these finest aliens and their love for music roams around like a prophesy that had turned true. Might as well pop open a wine bottle and start gulping it down! No, no music isn’t dead, the earth isn’t going to implode; the party has just started & all hope is back thanks to the musical arrival of the magnificent Noelle Tannen & The Filthy No-Nos.

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