Pollux – Lossy Data Compression

Artist: Pollux
Title: Lossy Data Compression
Keywords: lobit, electronics, ambient

The fine collection of lobit classics is one that brings back memories and good times; a reason for me to talk to you in the hope to convince you to check it all out.
It starts with Pollux’s Flow remixed by a intelligent mutual friend of me and Pollux. (We used to go and attend secret meetings and waste our time drinking lots of cranberry teas…) The track is like an intelligent animal just awoken in the middle of the night; the ears moving around, the eyes twisting to check the horizon and then when all seems safe will be ready to join the family for a safe midnight beauty sleep.

Then a Pollux original named 2:20, a track that sounds so splendid; giving the life back with the pleasant rhythm and beautiful warm ambient pulses that form straight up beauty in audio form. The lobit bubbles are forming the baseline while everything else is just a smooth progression of angel’s delight.

Testing out my personal memory with the next track, which is a remix by someone very known to me ‘Toxic Chicken’. I must have heard it before, I’m 100 percent sure of it; yet it sound brand new to me. The music has a nice pulsating sound to it, slapping the face in the kindest way possible.

The next track I have personally never forgotten, it’s one of the favorite well beloved remixes that ever slipped through my ears. Pollux remixes Aphex Twin’s Nanou 2 into something that is stunning in all its beauty. The rhythm, the pretty strings of love, the electric groove and the best sounds EVER… it’s always a joy to hear!

Illness & expectation is one of the tracks that goes into the heart and soul, but first it goes into the ears. The tune is equipped with a optimized optimistic rhythm that feels engaging and determent. The vibe is decorated with a minimal progression of repetitive melody that seems to say; lets face forward, we can do it! What’s not to love and admire?

The next remix I remember dearly, the original Pollux track came from a floppy diskette release (if my mind isn’t deceiving) and this track is a cut up swing version recreated by someone with exactly the same name as me. I know, it is a miracle but sometimes doubles do exist. It has a nice jazzy vibe if you would ask me, but I rather ask you… does it have a jazzy vibe?

Another classic track that is well privately loved and cherished over here is ‘classic ambient drone’ which isn’t a ambient drone but just a jokey title. But under this title lies an bravely active electronic work of melody, drums and a lot of love. The piano keys are going from sweet to menacing and back to adorable again; it’s a source for energy and inspiration & might even be one of these emotion tracks that invites you to hold its hand and dance; lobit magic!!

My Heart Is A 16kbps bomb’ is another one of these unmistakable classics that have always been around in my heart. If this is the first time for you to expose yourself to it; prepare to be delightfully hooked like a fish. The lounge vibe with laid back beat and smooth melodic tones are just as nice and comfy as listening to the rain while being warm, dry & safely inside.

My cute little cat LET ME SLEEP is probably a reference to sleepless times of a cat lover whose cat doesn’t care about him or her sleeping. The music is like a half awake happening, the rhythm is sleepy and slow, the drastic smooth mellow melodies are like a bunch of dreams that wants to be reached so badly.

Then there is a very beautiful track -actual proof that sometimes dreams aren’t a dream but reality- named ‘Kai’. It’s been originally brought out on a floppy diskette and (as far that I know of) is the first time people can hear it without a floppy drive. And I truly hope you will just do that as not only is it absolutely a stunning ambient master piece, so pretty and full of mesmerizing love in dream-like melody; it also would just turn my own dream true of you checking this marvelous collection of love out at the following link:



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1 Response to Pollux – Lossy Data Compression

  1. linda says:

    A ❤ true ❤ YIKIS ❤ jewel ❤ getting ❤ straight ❤ into ❤ repeat ❤ repeat ❤ repeat ❤ repeat ❤ repeat ❤ repeat ❤ repeat ❤ repeat ❤ repeat ❤ !!

    It is a very sweet, feathered, lo fi collections of sorts, pleasantly petting my ears and let my brain drift off, and even do the shuffle half way! There's may good albums on review this week, but this one will be the best! (sorry lorry)

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