artist: THE YRS
title: Hmm EP
keywords:experimental portland avant-garde noise weird Portland
label: Forward Slash Records

Stereo: It’s your best friend if you aren’t Vincent Van Gogh. Stereo: it helps if you have both ears, well placed; one on the left and one on the right side of the face. Stereo: a feature to be excited about, it will make a cinema experience into a cinema experience, it will make an action game into one that has a bit more depth… stereo is one thing that is superbly celebrated in the Hmm EP by THE YRS.



Stereo: one sound directed to come out on the opposite side of where the other sound supposedly should come out from. Stereo: the whole reason why some headphones will have a L and a R written on each side. Stereo: a thing that is totally disregarded or under appreciated until you rediscover its outmost potential on the Hmm EP. You will be of course listening to the music, (which is nice, very nice even) but the main attraction will be the whole stereo thing.

In fact the whole stereo sound is so stereo over here that if it gets pressed on vinyl, the needle will probably skip the record in total obnoxiousness as what to do with it; that’s how stereo it is. The stereo sound is so prominent on the EP that every audio fanatic will just think ‘stereo’ and how much they love it, but seem to have forgotten about it. The music is seemingly made for it, easily heating up the heath for the whole awesomeness that is stereo. Left, right & in the middle sound; isn’t it amazing? Doesn’t it smoke you like a chicken suffering on ‘the barbecue of ideas’ to make music in stereo instead of the usual mono? And if you already do things in stereo; doesn’t it intrigue enough to go for the stereo sound in extreme ways? Like listening to the stereo EP with headphones on? Or perhaps while seated in the middle of a nice set of speakers?

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