thoughtless dog owners – Sadness on Venus

Artist: thoughtless dog owners
title: Sadness on Venus
keywords: trippy alternative electronic experimental punk indie shoegaze trippy shit vaporwave wave weirdo United Kingdom

The music recorded in the artist’s bedroom is completely getting the personal mood right; it’s ultimately sad, but it’s at the same time also ultimately good in its own sadness. All the instruments that you can hear are played by the artist, no ripping off from others or licking up material in a vaporwave thieving way; this is all original. Except perhaps 2 songs that are ‘covers’ but how this artist made them sound, makes it almost into bedroom covers for in the bed. The material to stay in bed for, pull these covers over your head and snuggle up against a teddy bear (or perhaps a pillow)…

The music has this ultimate lonely sound, one that other bedroom music producers might recognize, something that comes with the profession. But that’s what makes this release so great, it keeps the mood exactly like it should be; no fancy glitter, no special lightening effect; just closed curtains, a lonely bedroom with instruments to haul and play the nights away. The artist blast guitars, drums, organ things; you can hear the reality, you can almost smell the bedsheets.

And because of this fine listening of a world that is normally hidden from the outside world, a hidden place in which an bedroom artist is at home, the music has plenty of experimentation going on. After all this is between the bedroom and the artist, something that would stay there in normal circumstances, but thanks to the internet had settled itself onto the digital all exposing highway. There are feedback bits that might tickle the ears, oddly noises, rhythm, but stands out in sincerely beautiful sad melodies, soft lofi muffled big drums and snarling lonely riffs.

The music simply feels like we aren’t in our own bed anymore, but secretly inside the artist’s bed. Hidden away under the blankets, or perhaps under it; well hidden. Looking at the back of the artist as it play its personal works with no knowledge that we are around… picking it all up and enjoying the fine bedroom music session of a lonely devoted music genius…. mmm, trippy sadness with nothing to hide!

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1 Response to thoughtless dog owners – Sadness on Venus

  1. Hi! Thoughtless dog owners here. I’m really happy that you enjoyed my album. If you’d like to get in touch about anything please email me ( Either way thank you for the review!

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