Various Artists – Soft Bodies Eat Bees

Artist: various
Title: Soft Bodies Eat Bees
Keywords: alternative, electronic, ambient, experimental, haunting, psychedelic, London

Jody Lowther rings in the beginning of this magnificent compilation like the contents of a magical bowl in which a beautiful future lays ahead. She sings her wordless song like a wonderful spell, one that makes the transition from listening from nothing to a wild ride of a lot of ‘somethings’ into a perfect one.

Polymer Cities then takes over with a nice speeding up of time and space, setting a nice scene of electric rhythm and funk with an experimental kind of freshness that kinda makes me feel like a complete drunk, yet still stubborn enough to think it’s all under control. It’s the playfulness of speed, funny transitions and sounds that emulates these good drunkenly vibes & it’s definitely a nice bulge of music.

Squadron Scramble is next, going for a more sober yet euphoric vibe. It’s like an old school classic, one that synthesizer freaks from the early days will sniff up and love forever. It has the great presence like chariots on fire, popcorn and axel F; it’s the Michael Jarre of the very future! And in this case it is clear that the future is now!

Septimus Keen is clearly keen to hypnotize anyone in hearing range with a nice ambient drone that sounds warm and indeed hypnotic. Within it a voice talks, almost like a new wave guide who isn’t afraid to add some witchcraft to the premises of this compilation.

Quimper is also attending the party with a sweet contribution. Something that sounds playful, loopy and devotional; electronic folk for the trip-heads who love a mellow melodic progression that is kind and pleasant to the ears. It even hits the vibe of pleasant chamber music with a plinking sound that sounds close enough to a piano.

Of course The Cleaners From Venus cannot be missed on this compilation, here they deliver a song that embraces you like a friend who takes you into the good times. The melody and voice are one, filled with sincerity, something that feels like it’s coming from a different age, a place where the grass is green and the sun always shines a nice hazy glow.

The Hirelings also play with time, using electric guitars, bass and drums to make it seem faster. The music is energetic and up tempo & the singer’s voice sings politely in a repetitive way for the ultimate best results. I’ve never heard of the Hirelings but hearing this song makes me think that they must be famous or at least highly thought off; who won’t love this?

Petunia Liebling MacPumpkin brings a brand new song specially made for this compilation to the collection. It brings you Petunia Liebling MacPumpkin like you have never heard her before; she comes with a very funky puppet show tune; big beats & manically organ playing that feels like something out of Transylvanian castle, but with a bass and Petunia half hip-hopping, popping and pleasantly giving puppetry a brand new anthem to be reckoned with. The appearances of an appreciative audience makes it next level fun stuff!

Carya Amara blesses and curses the listeners with a festive tune with mystic acidic vibes. Think electronic weirdness that interestingly freaks out like a cloud full of electric wasps order by a fakir in some kind of Persian atmosphere. It’s like a Fata Morgana of cultural fusion, but if you don’t think about it; it’s a great dance track for modern day belly dancing.

Squadron Scramble returns back for another take on this compilation. This time sweet bell-like cuteness, a big but relaxed beat and pleasant bass & a synth melody to feel all warm and loved by. Do we hear a guitar too? Hard to say as the all round sound is all observing, creating a musical medicine that is pretty much the meaning of ‘pleasant vibes’.

Also reappearing is Quimper who brings a bit of holiness to the compilation, a bit of mystery, a slice of new age, a sniff of Enya, a spoon of nature, a bottle of river flow and a atmosphere that feels half heavy and half light.

Kek-W also brings nature to the nice collection of music on this soft bodies release. It’s a strange place with odd birds, strange bugs, whispery insects and perhaps the sound of grotesque hungry larger species in the deep background. The music is a trip into a magnificent unexplored odd jungle that feels so fresh that you can just smell the leaves and trees.

April Larson gives a beautiful humbling ambient work to the showcase, something that feels like a muffled classical piece that is warm like a wooden floor and cozy like a seat next to a fireplace.

Kehrschleife pulls up the odd factor a notch higher, with unique humor the voices laugh, the electronic music plays and a vision of a German asylum pops up in which we all can dance around in a straight jacket!

Carya Amara has the honorable honor to end the compilation with a intensive but yet very smooth ride of sound. It’s an ambient drone that gets very full on, but delivers peace at the end, giving a perfect ending to a great collection of representative music. A compilation that you can easily find at the other side of the following link:


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3 Responses to Various Artists – Soft Bodies Eat Bees

  1. linda says:

    The hirelings sound a bit like Maxïmo Park to me. The voice & accent is alike, the catchiness of the song and the energy too. (to me, this is all compliment….)

    Nice compilation! Only missing Clockwork Orchestra on it. Hope he’s up to good things again soon 🙂

    • kainobuko says:

      You have been hired! 🙂 I think Clockwork Orchestra is busy working at the Euronovision festival 🙂

      • linda says:

        Sounds good! I I did see something about that festival on the soft bodies website, but now that I revisit, turns out it was the previous edition.

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