Dendera Bloodbath – m i a m b i a n t

Artist: Dendera Bloodbath
Title: << m i a m b i e n t > >
Keywords:experimental, autoharp, noise, chamber pop, gothic, dark wave, electronic

This album starts of like a cozy pastry of firework, they don’t explode but do shoot themselves in the air. To generate the buzz that something is happening the firework shots is coming with a stable fuzz that has a voice mumbling repeatedly something with the word ‘boys’ in it. What does it all mean? Who knows! But it is an intriguing beginning.

What follows up next is a bit of fine intimacy, a moment in which the artist sings in equal tonal range as a warm noise that seems to reflect to a swamp like environment. I can hear the frogs and insects while she sings her soothing song in a nice dreamy temperament.

Re triggering the moment of special goodness is what is happening after, something with a mellow melody and experimental glitch as rhythm at its core. it forms a short but practical setting in which we can sit and feel slightly out of place in.

But the artist will return with grotesque sound of a wonderland that might be wonderland to some and hellishland for others; it’s all a matter of tastes, really. To me it’s something in the middle, giving a nasty electric sound to excite and terrify at the same time, accompanied with vocals that feel like they are out to haunt us, like snow white’s stepmother trying to praise a poisonous apple.

Under the name of ’13’ our music entertainer gives us seemingly a recording of black meowing cats sitting either on the fence or at the back of flying broomsticks. It fits with the whole America going into Halloween mood…

The last track ‘night sounds’ can be best described as those YouTube video clips that promise to scare you. You know these videos in which you have to stare to something vague and nothing really happens until the last couple of seconds when a creepy person suddenly storms upon the camera view; you know material to fall of your chair from…

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