ormand211 – Data Stigmata Rigata

Artist: ormand211
Title: Data Stigmata Rigata
Keywords: experimental, psychedelic, 8kbps, lobit
Label: 8ravens http://8ravens.blogspot.cz/

What a great and well needed surprise to see a brand new release on the ever trustworthy source for classy lobit music 8ravens. And they might say seeing is believing, but wait till you actually hear it; then reality really kicks in. With beautiful grace the artist named ormand211 sets a beautiful atmosphere that comes across like something you would expect to hear when reading a fairytale. The curtains open up and a special audio place with singing soft baby ducks reveals itself; it sounds wonderfully, as if these ducks had gone to college to learn how to sing beautifully and harmonically. To celebrate their artistic art, ormand211 also adds a nice nifty electronic melody to the show, something that sounds improvised and made on the spot; minimal but oh so easy to feel in those lovable lobit feelings.

The release moves on with more warm beauty, and this sound fantasia is surprisingly done in full stereo; highly recommended to hear through headphones! The music is so colorful, with dense slices of pure beauty all woven into each other like a match made in heaven. A deep pushing bass gives it the pulse of an heartbeat as the music itself forms the best fantasy music that anyone with a lovely heart would love to move and live in.

The music is cinematic, oh so kind and pretty; you would expect Alice in wonderland, talking rabbits and butterflies; but the music focuses on you and leaves all disturbing sources and creatures far out of it. This is a wonderful gift for everyone in need for musical mind relief; absolutely beautiful. And at the final end (as if it isn’t pretty enough) ormand211 takes the music to heaven & unlike the ones you’d hear stories about; this is a wonderful place! Its highly recommended to click the following link and enjoy with open heart and blissful mind:



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