The Male Tears – The Male Tears

Artist: The Male Tears
Title: The Male Tears
Keywords: indie, rock, post punk, punk rock

The Male Tears might have different genes or anatomy then The Female Tears, but that doesn’t hold them back to start a rock band. Can you imagine them, those tiny drops of tears with miniature guitars, miniature drumkit and one Male Teardrop even managing to sing as loud as a an actual grown human being would sound like?

I don’t know precisely what The Male Tears are about but the singing tear seems to drop the F word quite a bit. As if it isn’t amazing enough to suddenly be aware that tears can play music; now we also have to take in that they apparently are also capable of ‘love making’. I wonder how it works, if they all have a little watery penis capable of ejaculating liquid micro tears?

But in all fairness these The Male Tears are a true phenomenon in the world of tears. The only tears that I’ve ever produced would just fall or slide down over my cheeks… which is perfectly fine as even though there might be money to be made showcasing a band of tears playing rock music, it would freak me out if every tear produced would be able to do such things.

I imagine The Male Tears as a freak show, like a flee-circus but then with instruments and singing; I would pay for it if I had the money just to see them perform without drying up…

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