Charlotte de sicaä – absent dream calendar / Memory Linings

Artist: Charlotte de sicaä
Title: absent dream calendar / Memory Linings
Keywords: noise, love, queer, harsh noise, power noise,

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when going for this release by Charlotte de sicaä, so totally unprepared she came in hacking my head with the sound that was just as strong and determent as a unexpected chainsaw swung by a blood thirsty psychopath. When recovered from the shock opening and my ears had adjusted to the harsher noise environment the material became more pleasant. (If that’s a word to use…) Charlotte de sicaä ‘s absent dream calendar was more like a ‘to hell with calendars’ and hip hooray let’s collect them all and throw them in the flames. And now that we are at it, let’s throw ourself in there too just so we can hear the crackling violence from a closer look.

Flesh Doll is another angry sounding work, one that feels as if Barbie dolls made out of human meat, skin and hair are being pushed through some all eating shredding machine. You can hear the office equipment to destroy documents having trouble shredding these dolls, yet it never gives up; creating a nasty sound case of glitch and deconstruction.

Lesion Fantasy also sounds quite mechanic but this time there is no flesh being stuck, it’s more like the machinery is well oiled and now fully capable to go for a shitstorm of electronic freaked out noises. They are sharp enough to cut your ears yet the work isn’t very long; saving your life and abilities to hear. (Or at least for a while)

Memory Linings is like gremlins in pure hysteria; the noises are high pitched, nasty and crazy! Like devilish ghosts in the machine who just had a nasty shot of speed injected between their eyes. They screech and squeak and their sound goes under the skin like a nasty show of killer rats on helium that are melting while attempting to munch you up alive.

The last part of this release is ‘lullaby’ which is so perfectly nice and kind, just flowing around like the look of an innocent child who just had beheaded its own doll collection. Strangely because of it sitting next to these harsher tracks, the music keeps a person’s attention just because you probably won’t trust that it keeps on behaving so nicely. If you are in a nasty mood, need something to wake up or induce some kind of hysteric reaction with kind aftercare; this release by Charlotte de sicaä might be something for you:


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