Consistency Nature – Silent Thalia

Artist: Consistency Nature
title: Silent Thalia
keywords: Ambient, Soundscape, Drone, Noise, Experimental, Rework, Remaster, Remix, Conclusion
label: Sirona-Records

Consistency Nature is back with a long lasting album that will be there forever to impress.
It must be one of the longest albums (with actual music!) by a singular artist (with some manipulative audio friends passing through). I’ve promised to review it on an much earlier time date, but because of its sheer impressive length and its psychedelic content it feels like I’ve been not able to bring this to you quicker.

Consistency Nature’s mega album brought the most Florissant dream worlds by shaping audio of the experimental kind side for a magical ride of wonder. There is so much detail to discover in here, it’s a pleasure for people either high on soberness as well for people tripping out on the finest mushrooms available. The music is a true discovery with tiny and large things hidden in every smooth corner, carefully creating a landscape that can be enjoyed over and over again & each time it will be a completely new experience with other things to notice and be touched by.

It’s not only a trip, a smooth transitional one of wonders; but it also leaves room for the listener its own interpretations and dreams. There might even the graceful gesture given in ‘A Dream’ to make yourself comfortable and actually do a well-deserved trippy nap while the artist looks after your physical human vessel’s safety. How kind and polite of Consistency Nature! The artist known for his audio sculptures, Dadaist poetry and amazing dance performances will certainly give it all at this supposedly last production of this producer.

We can hear him singing and humming along with the birds of imagination, the creatures of imagination, the goblins of thought, the meditational expressions of oddball wisdom who are in perfect sync with the universe. Consistency Nature seems to give much more to this album then a normal person could possibly do, he is channeling gods, words of love and bliss, inner peace and you can feel it vibrating in every part of your mind, brain and funny bone.

The album is like a love in sound form, carefully crafted for the ultimate psychedelic flight in which seemingly the aim is to power its listeners up and showing it the world as seen through a wide open third eye. Everything Is alive and breathing is what Consistency Nature seems to teach us through sound; there is so much to explore, so many hints of live in a never ending embracement of kindness; basically making this an album that will turn every trip into a pleasant, but also educational wise experience. At times I felt that the table, chair, floor and even the keyboard used to type this had become fluid, breathing like pulses as if they too are living beings connected with our mutual bodies and souls… in fact I’m still convinced that this is truth. Thanks Consistency Nature to make me conscious again…

Consistency Nature simply created not only a temple, he created a whole universe of knowledge and even though the actual album is gigantic, it all comes across as severely small, timid and extremely digestible. This is a place refrained from big egos, there are no laws of physics, there are no rules; only the barriers from a brain’s mindset are the limit; which while tripping out on this fantastical flights of audio elevation will be easily broken down and abolished. Once this point is established, Consistency Nature really brings out its true forms; with birds and insects he hits the warrior drums until a huge euphoric greatness opens up in which volcanos, strange spiritual beings, swamp monsters, black crows, hazy sunrays and all burning magnificent forces of lunacy blows away all your expectations into unexpectedness.

The thing with this trip is that it let us explore a extraordinaire world, one that excites and yet feels like surroundings that we visit in our comfortable kind of bizarre dreams. It’s the sound in which spirituality meets in the middle, let us walk up the highest hills and look out over the valleys while we scream out loud from receiving all our finest revelations of life. All is odd and yet everything is normal, croaking chairs are music instruments, dream catchers are the sparkling voices & garbage is gold.

In a way Consistency Nature gives us the gift of a portal, a gate to fly through and live an extensional new dimensional life in. It’s the music that is made for hearing ears, for minds that can distinguish rattle snakes from desert birds. This fantasy is not a fantasy, it’s overlapping with reality and easily tricking a listener to go and make that step towards being one with the sound, your imagination and become surrealism in person. Consistency Nature embodies the anti-embodiment; a soul without limitations that can go and fly wherever it wants, through the shadows of the trees, over unrealistic situations like professional peyote munchers who just ate a fully grown cactus.

In other words; this is an album that is your best friend when you are out to take a trip. Bring it with you in nature, or take it in you while wandering in the city, or perhaps even in a small room between four walls as this music makes those walls melt and sets you as free that free can be. You can feel it in your body and dance on it, you can let it flow and become one with it. There are no endings and no beginnings & at the end you will feel engaged in mystique knowledge that enriched the mind body and soul.

In simple words; this is THE psychedelic album anyone should listen when in need for an amazingly positive experience. Absolutely highly recommended to get it in your collection, besides it’s free download, making it an extra gift of love & to top it off also comes with two amazing trip videos to stare at! Excellent material!


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