How I met Lauren + See Through Buildings – VOID

Artist: How I met Lauren + See Through Buildings
Title: VOID
Keywords: ANW, experimental, ambient, drone, HNW, post-everything, Germany

See Through Buildings is one of the perverted actions superman could do, but in this case it’s the name of an project. One that brings a stable rainfall of black and white noise in which it’s fair to say that you wished for a umbrella made out of unbreakable stone. This could be the shelter to sit or stand under when you don’t feel like being crushed by these gruesome unstoppable continues flow of heavy rain. I agree, a little bit of water from the sky is good for all, but this waterfall feels much heavier; as if they are equipped with lead, or perhaps the entire rain is made out of stones.

How I met Lauren is the co-pilot on this split of an album, coming up with a ambient work that feels a bit like we are on the back of a vibrating motor, or perhaps one of those modern day washing machines that promise to not make any sound or noise. Whatever it is the thing vibrates and it wouldn’t be a miracle if there is also a frog attracted to these vibrations, responding towards it with a sensible croaky frog sound of odd love. To make this seemingly love affair between frog and vibrating object even a bit more romantic; nice background drones are applied for the perfect atmosphere.

See Through Buildings next track is like a continues never ending lick by a very raw tongue on the back of a postal stamp. But then you must imagine the postal stamp to be both your ears and you get a bit what I’m saying… it is a way of showing affection, but it also is quite intrusive such a raw tongue in both your ears on repeat. I feel like after this work you’ll be grateful if you are close to a shower; just to cleanup the spit and slime that will fill up the ears while hearing this work.

How I met Lauren comes back with another odd vibrating engine, it isn’t loud; it’s a comfortable sound. It’s not the same thing that vibrates as in the other work; it sounds more wooden. A wooden motorcycle? Or perhaps a washing machine inside a wooden box? It doesn’t really matter what it is or was, as the created soundtrack is enough to create some kind of atmosphere that relaxes, making unneeded thoughts and thinking patterns like this; pretty redundant. Just sit back and enjoy the ambient drill.

Then there is a unannounced guest contribution by a certain Melinoe. It sounds like a field recording of the sacrificial deity Moloch calling up the community to fill up its stomach. You can hear the creature is hungry, moaning like a cow in a cold night in the hope that someone feeds the void inside.

The last exposure of See Through Buildings is a rather cozy crackling one. Like snow that falls into the ears until there is a nice pack of it. If you listen carefully this noise is actually music, having things going on that gives the whole snow effect a dissenting split, turning the sound into something hallucinative with very strange audio meet-ups at certain places.

How I met Lauren gives a nice smooth ending to the release, something that will probably please the void with gradual ambience and industrial artifacts. It’s as something smooth and pretty is balanced out with a kind touch of destruction. Imagine someone you really adore and love seated on a swinging wrecking ball; together destroying a wonderful immersive place… it’s a tragic combination that you can’t peel your eyes away from until both the pretty place and the person that you adore are both crushed in collusion.


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