Devin Sarno – Fall

Artist: Devin Sarno
Title: Fall
Keywords: ambient, experimental, drone, soundscape, improvisation

Devin Sarno makes a fall look like an endless happening, one that isn’t over in a couple of seconds or minutes, but a fall that simply feels like forever. Perhaps it’s the fall that defecates on the concept of time and space, just making the whole idea redundant and turning the whole fall thing into a adventure that last forever.

But don’t think it’s a endless adrenaline rush, a instant heart attack from keeping on falling; no, it’s more like ‘fall’ the season, but as seen as ‘fall’ from falling it just sound a bit more interesting. And in this case falling isn’t about speed, it’s a low tempo fall, smooth like the weight of a person who just weight a little bit more then a actual cloud.

Falling around with the music makes it clear that we aren’t the only one falling; there are children too. They also seem to be fine, making child like playful sounds that assures us all that this fall is for all ages. And the Fall keeps on going, perhaps softer, like a fall between feathers from the inside of ripped pillows; a drone session in which we are the lightweight feather to fall down in an endless way… even the end of the release receives no confirmation that we have touched the ground… it’s like a super light weight Wil E Coyote without the scene that he hits the ground.

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