Chrissie Caulfield – Wrong Way Home

Artist: Chrissie Caulfield
Title: Wrong Way Home
Keywords: violin, experimental, soundscape, live performance

With both my ears wide open (and I would suggest you to do the same) I pressed play on the following video featuring a performance by Chrissie Caulfield. I know it’s a video but I decided to focus on the music and with wide open ears I closed my eyes to engage in the sound with utter most attention. I was in for a fine ride, something that you could go for too; trust me it fits enough with your Halloween festivities.

It started with a nice drone storm that instantly settled a mood of captivating heaviness. It made so much density in sound that my ears had been instantly glued to the speakers. With a grand dramatic visiting melody the artist sets a cinematic scene that would go well with a famous mafia flick in which the big boss is receiving clients while stroking a cat.

But the performance moves on and with a focus on experimentation she shapes and creates a strange soundscape, one of darkness that you definitely don’t want to talk or whisper through. With pure attention I was sitting on the edge of my seat as Chrissie Caulfield guides the music through a sound palette that becomes a unnerving landscape that is dark & surreal, yet grabs a listener by the ears like the soundtrack for a thrilling thriller in which violin strings are your friends and worst nightmares at the same time.

With high & low haunting tones the eerie soundscapes crawls under everyone’s skin, it’s one that would make fragile listeners shit their pants & ghost loving sound hunters wrap their hands in full enthusiasm. The music becomes like a spirit box without all the conversations, but with one single ghost noise that gnarls and swirls around creating a perfect engaging soundtrack for Halloween.

Open your ears and enjoy the thrilling live created soundscape by Chrissie Caulfield:


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