Deafness – Space Tourism

Artist: Deafness
Title: Space Tourism
Keywords: lobit, electronica
Label: Counting Clouds
Reviewer: Leo Obit

“deafness is the lobit (low bitrate) electronic project of the prolific Russian musician Mad God, who is also behind the high-quality ambient washes of Steamflow and the blackened noise crush of Nihilistic Delusion, just to name a few.  Space Tourism is a new EP from M.G. made up of sparse, pleasant electronica in 32kbps.  Relaxed arpeggiated synth tones float through your brain while cold clicking beats offer a funky backdrop that rounds out the sound.  Take your brain on a nice twelve-minute space walk!”

Deafness in the case of ‘Deafness’ the producer, is one that delivers output loved by all who are in the know. This EP for sure underlines why this is, and probably might be a strong case to convince any newcomers or non believers. It starts with ‘In’ which is so comfortable and joyful, I feel it’s like the waiting music for in the waiting room that leads to the boarding of a nice futuristic spaceship. There is a fine micro groove of pleasantness going on, miniature mellowness that will be loved by all no matter your age, believes, chromosomes, race, sex, species that a listener belongs too.

Then Deafness gives us the pleasant sound of actual Space Tourism. A super relaxed groove, blessed in slow smoothness making you feel that lightweight anti gravity life style to the ultimate chilling maximum. There isn’t anything better and more pleasant then chilling out with this ultimate lovely side of every lobit expert’s favorite music producer. But wait till Deafness throws a wonderful and kind melody on top and you know this artist will have you in its pocket, can sell you all the space candy that it wants you to sell… Deafness for sure delivers a bliss that defies any other form of vacation music here on earth; absolutely delighting experience!

The last pleasure comes with the ultimate friendly sounding ‘Out’ which gives melodic-wise such a pleasant gift to the ears that it might give the real music lover an enthusiastic uncontrollable orgasm. The superb slow rhythm that is just the embodied form of laid back coolness in coordinating with the hypnotic melody is just perfect. I think I’m gonna stay here for a long while, will you come and join me in the sound of Deafness? Follow the link:

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