Alex Spalding – One (Alex Spalding 56kbps Drum Remix)

Artist: Alex Spalding
Title: One (Alex Spalding 56kbps Drum Remix)
Keywords: lobit, electro

The exact replica of myself made one day a concept album named ‘One’. ( The idea was simple; my exact replica used one sample for all the tracks on the album. You can imagine if that would mean that every track would just be one and the same sample that it wouldn’t be a very interesting album; turns out that my exact replica had thought that one through and ran the ‘one’ sample through the sampler and used it as an instrument for ‘one’ of a kind music pieces. It’s still one of these albums that I’m proud that it’s done by my exact replica; it elevated my own ‘oneness ‘ with this other half who looks, behaves, and comes across exactly like me.

I’m not talking about Alex Spalding over here, as even though I see him as a brother, his name and facial hair isn’t exactly a exact copy of me. Still him associating with my exact copy and me as the exact copy of my own exact copy is not only confusing, it is also elevating my own status and ego in society. Of course I can’t write for my own exact copy, but I’m hundred percent sure we are one and in the same level on this one. Alex Spalding was so kind to write a review about ‘One’ when it came out, but most notable and noble; he also followed the instructions to create his own ‘One’ track. What a great guy and how talented he is, definitely one person high up on the list of personal number ones.

The original One album concluded with the clean cut ‘one’ sample for everyOne to go nuts and be mental with, but Alex Spalding certainly went one step further, remixing the one with a outstanding kit of 56kbps drum! It is one of the favorite things out there that made me and my exact copy feel so blessed; almost as if we had not been exact copies but finally felt One and the same from. In a way Alex Spaulding’ One remix brought us all together; me, my exact copy and of course our beloved remixer Alex Spalding.

While writing, I think of why I didn’t write this sooner, but my thoughts had been all over the place, until today when this remix popped up and made me clap my hands to be one with the music that this remix was giving me. It made me think fondly of Alex and my exact copy & assembled my own thoughts neatly in line for a single blurb of the One love that you are seeing right here. Oh and before I forget, you can hear the One remix at the one link at the bottom :


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