Screenslaver – The Common Signs

Artist: Screenslaver
Title: The Common Signs
Keywords: ambient, dark ambient, drone, experimental, noise, harsh noise, field recording.
reviewer: Simon Hit

Screenslaver uses a short time to somehow spray its contents like pepper spray in your ears. Description explains it has to do with mental health, so perhaps the can is filled with tears and depression,all harvested through a strange time period and now concentrated to be sprayed out in a few short spray noise sessions.

Draining yourself from all life’ is one of the names on one of these imaginative spray cans. You can imagine that this might be the material coming from a dark place but the amount of indifferent noises showcased here, doesn’t really come across as if it’s coming from a devastated drained mind; this one clearly still got a lot of ideas up its sleeves.

Removing the Stigma’ is another one, it’s a bit harsher in the way the noises are sprayed out: Yet here it’s fairly listenable with plenty of variations that you won’t hear so often in noise releases of this troubling kind. There is harsh noise, experimental noise, deep harsh noise wall as a backdrop here and there, but I could also distinguish a laugh from a pony and a bouncing spiral that jumps up all the way at the end…

Upstairs Power Cut is more gruesome and for the sound of a ‘power cut’ it feels rather like the opposite; a power overdose. The noise is much more grungy, harsh and bold. We have had lots of power cuts here and that means basically no electric sound at all, but sitting in the dark with candle light… Perhaps the power cut is being showcased in a later stage of the track, the place that opens up when the harsh noise had taken a hike and lightweight music and some kind of backdrop field-recording becomes the center of attention.

In all honesty if these tracks are depictions of the common signs of mental health problems I have trouble hearing it. I think Screenslaver has a lot of healthy noise ideas showcased here within the short time frame. Luckily I’m not a mental health doctor as then I would say; dear Screenslaver; you are cured!

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