Bastürdkunt – Bastürdkunt

Artist: Bastürdkunt
Title: Bastürdkunt
Keywords: experimental, harsh noise, noise

Yesterday the most peculiar thing had happened while listening to Bastürdkunt’s Bastürdkunt. It was pretty late at night, yet not that late to slip into unconsciousness. Yet, that was exactly what happened and now on a brand new day I’m afraid the same thing will happen again. It didn’t happen half way through, it happened at the very beginning of Bastürdkunt: The first track to be precise.

It’s odd because Bastürdkunt clearly seems to dabble in the harsh noise and although not despicable loud, harsh or gruesome it wasn’t a new age Enya track either. It was noisy, with some nice fuzzy buzzing thing and hissy slaps that made it hypnotically rhythmic. There was also a voice in there (I remember) and it made me think of a talkative presenter at the horse races… but yes, I had lost conscious, passed out, slept like a baby for what felt like a coma of at least a couple of months. When awakened only eleven minutes had passed; what magical time hole did Bastürdkunt put into the music that it made me sleep for ages and yet it was only a couple of minutes in this reality?

Today I didn’t want to collapse and knock myself out again, so I skipped towards the second track. This too was noisy, it made me think of someone with unending amount of air in its lungs who kept blowing continuously on a beer bottle. I’m not sure if the didgeridoo melody was actually within this beer bottle air exchange or that it was a friction of the imagination, but that for sure was one element that did its best for me not to pass out on.

I was lucky as without switching off I made it to the third track, this one was still poking on both side of the head like magnet massage out there to get me again liquidated, or simply in some kind of blanc absent mind kind of state. The music was short enough to survive and in that way it had enough relaxing stimulating pulses to indeed settle down in a lazy wobbly chair.

Keep sliced beef in your underpants’ was the next track on Bastürdkunt’s Bastürdkunt. It started with some slow but determent crunchy noises; not sure if it is trying to wake me up or that it’s trying to punch me into dreamland again. I try to move my head every time the noise comes, like jumping over the waves… it becomes harder and harder to avoid, and the punches of sound against the forehead are unavoidable. Still even though distorted and harsh the pulsating sound has that tranquilizing effect; I can’t keep my eyes open… luckily ears can’t be closed and that’s how this track found its way with me being passed out again.

When I woke up it was time for the last track named ‘sorry something went wrong’. It has this very nervous laugh that reminded me of this guy who was always laughing and giggling. Didn’t matter what you said or did to him he would just laugh and giggle it all away. Sorry, I just sat on your favorite hamster? Haha hihi hoho… sorry but your sitting on a chair with super glue on it… haha hihi hoho… my friend that glass of beer you just drank was actually laces with urine… haha hihi hoho…. the laughing and giggles were absolutely nerve wrecking, yet years after Bastürdkunt’s Bastürdkunt had popped up this memory with even more giggles and laughter; the ones that will make the ears bleed.

Conclusion of my attempt to listen to Bastürdkunt’s Bastürdkunt? It’s an odd one, even though the tracks are harsh and not classifiable as colorful melodic new wave ambient; it did something very strange to me and my senses. It was a bit like the drugs that Bill Cosby would slip in a alleged victims drink; it’s harsh but made me easily pass out, most admittedly giving me the best sleep in years! And that without actually time had been consumed… I know; pretty weird, eh?


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