Hexenschuss – Hexenschuss

Artist: Hexenschuss
Title: Hexenschuss
Keywords: progressive, alternative, kindergarten pop

For the people who celebrate Halloween and people who don’t give a F about the entire thing; this release by Hexenschuss is something for you! The music has this pleasant melodic nastiness that does its ultimate best in pure focused hocus pocusness. Hexenschuss goes for beats that are super tight, armed and dangerous material that can flip the switch from crawling nasty mode to quick levitational rhythms.

But it’s the snarling sound that fit those beats like a hand in a fitting glove; every finger is perfectly surrounded, working together to make the hand heath up like a warm fire. The music bangs it’s way through head bang material, so good that you will instantly flush your collection paracetamols through the toilet just to cherish the freshly given headache that it has given you.

Hexenschuss has the precision of a chiropractic operator, only showcases the needed tools and operates the precise necessary ones for a clean hygienic case of nastiness. That probably doesn’t make much sense on paper, but if you hear these tracks you know what I’m talking about. It’s like Hannibal Lector removing the top part of a scalp to reveal someone’s fresh brain and puts perfectly cut small pieces of it in a frying pan.

Or perhaps like that American Psycho person who carefully placed the entire room under a layer of plastic so it’s designer furniture and carpet won’t get red when axing a well chosen idiot. It’s that kind of determent clean cut nastiness that Hexenschuss delivers here! It’s nasty but super hygienic, well thought through and still pretty psychopathic. They say psychopaths have a high intelligence and also that feels like the right thing to say about the music of Hexenschuss; its intelligent nastiness that will probably make you move, and if not; you still better move as who knows what Hexenschuss will do if you are reluctant to give into the nasty tightness.

Will it put out a witch crafted curse? Perhaps your own brain culinarily cooked while still being alive? or perhaps an axe crushed in your skull surrounded by clean plastic sheets? 19 November Hexenschuss will unleash its thing on the experimental obnoxious visitors at the following Gifgrond party, one you can join and see & hear it all for yourself. Better rehearse your dancing skills with this release in case you would like to avoid an early precise first class ticket to the slaughterhouse. Dance or die!


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