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Artist: Baldino Title: Baldino Label: Noise-Joy Cat#: NJMP3-0380 Keywords: Techno, Acid, Big Beat Reviewer: Alex Spalding Hey, you! Glad you could make it, because I was just thinking to myself, “Gee, it sure would be nice if I were writing … Continue reading

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Toxic Chicken – All About You

Artist: Toxic Chicken Title: All About You Label: Wrieuw Recordings Cat#: None Keywords: Electronica Reviewer: Alex Spalding Oh, hello again, reader, and welcome to a review that’s All About You! It’s also about the amazing artist called Toxic Chicken, one … Continue reading

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Jim Wylde – Songs for the Brokenhearted from the Departed

Artist: Jim Wylde title: Songs for the Brokenhearted from the Departed keywords: improvised dark ambient| emotive IDM | emoscape format: Cassette (30 copies) / digital label: IO SOUND Jim Wylde takes on an emotional path and invites us listeners … Continue reading

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Sascha Müller – 8k Techno Vol. 3

Artist: Sascha Müller Title: 8k Techno Vol. 3 Keywords: lobit, techno, dance, electronic, Acid, rave, psychedelic, floppy diskette format: floppy diskette / digital Label: Wrieuw Recordings Sascha Müller is the life of the party; without his input a party would … Continue reading

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Solar Return – 2Rats&4Stars

Artist: Solar Return Title: 2Rats&4Stars Keywords: electronic contemporary electronics experimental electronic noise Kitakyushu Solar Return will start nibbling away under your skin as soon as you dare to put this release on. With nifty little tools it nibbles away the … Continue reading

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Vitas – Made In China

Artist: Vitas title: Made In China keywords: pop, fun, duck The internet’s favorite meme and the world’s bests tongue maneuverer with the voice of an angel known as Vitas is back with a brand new video and tune. Previously I’ve … Continue reading

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Tse’emdeh – Telegy in C – dur

Artist: Tse’emdeh Title: Telegy in C – dur Keywords: experimental abstract hip-hop fake sitar freak folkminimal progressive psot-thningy psychedelicreconstruction russian rap telegianism too_meta weirdSaint Petersburg Like theatrical owners of pure D.I.Y. the creator(s) of this recording are going for a … Continue reading

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