Bottlesmoker – Batara Pandita

Artist: Bottlesmoker
Title: Batara Pandita
Keywords: electronic, video, dance,

If you are living in Asia and didn’t hear from Bottlesmoker before, you probably had smoked too many bottles. They have been touring all over the place, from Bangkok to Singapore and everything in between and around! They have been a true sensation, sampling the sounds of their hosting countries, implanting them in their music performances and still going stronger and stronger. Their music is melodic and electric, pretty good to move you in a moving feel good mood; a feeling obviously most welcome.

But Bottlesmoker isn’t only legendary in Asia, they are expending their fan base to places all over the world. Rumors go that they will even release a floppy diskette from the U.K. Based label Wrieuw Recordings, and if things aren’t already bright enough for you; they just dropped their newest music video! One that probably will conquer more hearts, and satisfies the ones that are already conquered! The concept of the video is easy; just have Bottlesmoker among their favorite instruments and let them do their thing! They will provide the perfect progression of the tune, starting it all up, adding things by things; keeping important layers (like a stable not unimportant base kick…) and using space to showcase their fingers playing their tools of the trade!

So much melodies, solos and epicness that the wedding-rings-provided-hands deliver and perform that it’s hard not to be impressed by them. See those fingers go, hear the sounds form music & watch Bottlesmoker enjoying themselves while doing what the clearly love doing the most! And if that too isn’t enough for you; the video also shows other people who are clearly liking what they are hearing through a pair of headphones. And you know what? That’s where the fun part starts; you can be one of them! It’s easy and interactive; just put on a pair of headphones wherever you are, play this music video and check out from first perspective your own body movements of approval when the tune plays… perhaps you can find a way to film it and load it up on YouTube, send it over to Bottlesmoker and let the love of music flow like a viral music virus!

for more Bottlesmoker, please check out their website:


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