Floating Mind – Light Variation

Artist: Floating Mind
Title: Light Variation
Keywords: deep, minimal, techno
Label: Monokrak

It’s perfect!

Minimal things are so good when all that you hear within the minimal work are precise and right on. ‘light Variation’ by Floating Mind gets it all right from the very start, the middle to all the way at the end. It’s music made with pure precision, instantly making me move and I can’t hold back. It’s like the art of leaving things out and giving the right interesting things to the groove is one formula that will generate dancing masses wherever it travels. The music is bubbly, universal; just as much at home in a reservation park as in a large scale aquarium. It’s perfect!

I have a weakness for this music, it’s so groovy, so to the point and yet totally refrains from any dull moment. It’s like a comedian with serious timing, except this is definitely no joke! The music is made for dancing and that’s what you will do and one of these days my feet will dance all over you! When Floating Mind inserts a hint of melody it’s like an oasis; quickly recharging the muscles and washing the face with freshness cause we have got a lot of dancing to do! It’s perfect!

The rhythm, the sounds, the right on spot aiming at the ears and feet; unless your feet are glued to the floor it will be a very odd phenomenon if they can stand still when this music plays. ‘Light Variation’ is the music that makes arms move like lose swinging baboon ones, neck muscles are well oiled up as Floating Mind delivers the material that is… how you say it… It is perfect!


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