smoothly going from Halloween to ‘normality’

To say goodbye in a smooth transitional way to the Halloween craziness, it might be nice to watch and hear the appearance of Vikki Carr on French Television. It has the early-bird camera style now famed for instilling fear at the Blair witch project. Vikki Carr wandering through the woods being filmed by a (obviously) creepy camera person, who follows her from behind the trees, circulates around her from uncomfortable close distance and then moves back into the woods again. All this is done when the seamlessly lonely and lost Vikki Carr sings her legendary words ‘let it please be him dear God, or I shall die…’ followed by the frightening ‘then it’s not him and I shall die…’ oh goddamnit that’s totally frightening and extreme, we probably haven’t seen or heard of Vikki Carr after her walk with the camera person again, right? Totally terrifying!

It can always be a bit scarier, and Travis A. Morgan’s vocal cover of Nightwish’s Ever Dream proofs that point clearly. Feel free to just watch him in the darkness with a bright spotlight shining on his fanatic looking face; if this isn’t frightening enough you should also put up the volume a notch higher; hear and watch it all for its eternity and tell me you won’t get nightmares in your dreams of a wicked self-consciously staring Travis paying you passionate serenading visits in the depths of the night… happy ex-Halloween everybody!

From this we can (for example) check out the next terrifying video clip of The Cuff Links… It has this clockwork orange vibe with monstrous looking golf cars with the band riding them over the field. From camera view it is as if they are out to drive the camera person (or us at home?) over, but later we find out that the group has already another victim insight; a lucrative golfer! All hell breaks loose when they come and terrorize the poor man, placing so many horrific golf balls on the field that it’s almost impossible for the good man to find his own balls. Then the crew clearly tormented the man so much that he had gone completely insane, giving him a disease that makes a person lose control of its own head… becoming a dancing character from a Mary Poppins era… what a hell!

To make up for the frightened times in this smooth process to normality, I thought that it would be an excellent time to drop the old school jolliness of Freddie & the dreamers. Freddie had a strange laugh, but a very infectious and effective dance style. The dreamers would be all kicking their legs like Freddie, but nobody would be able to jump like Freddie until perhaps the late punk era. It might not be very scary (although his laugh might return in your nightmares…) but feels just about right to pop up here, enjoy:

The following video clip is one that you can’t unwatch & want to watch on repeat over and over again. It is the promo video that will make you forget the Beach boys in their suits and clean cut stage personages, it’s them but (probably) completely high and out of their minds. It’s a joy to see as they have fun, walking around in a pond, trying to get some togetherness in the grass. You can see that they aren’t just a band, but that they are really good friends here too. The scary thing of this video is not its happy content, but just the fact that it’s hard to get away from it. I’ve been watching this video for a whole day, completely forgetting basic things like eating, toileting and finishing this post… It’s a jolly good happy curse perhaps:

So after all this…  are you ready to face the welcome back to normality?

^ A movie by TimTheScarecrow with music by M dot Strange

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